Top 10 Mother Son Wedding Songs 2016


The icing on the cake at every wedding is the mother-son dance at the climax of each wedding. For the mother, it is a moment filled with joy, love and pride and the ultimate realization that her son now belongs to another woman as well. There are a number of songs that can capture the feelings and emotions that both the mother and the son can experience at that moment. In this article we include a list of mother son wedding songs from old times to the new including some with a fun twist that you can play at your wedding to please your mom.

Top 10 Mother Son Wedding Songs


Days like This-Van Morrison

Days like this is another song that expresses a sense of gratitude that a son owes to the mother for providing reassurance all this time about the inevitability of happiness and ultimate success. Also you would get a chance to portray your wedding as another success in life caused arranged and pulled off by your mother the same way that you learned to walk or went to school. The fluent jazz music would be another cherry on top. Hold on for some sure shot tears.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Israel ‘Lz’ Kamakawiwo’ole

Suitable for both the bride’s entrance and the mother son dance, this song is an ideal expression of love and a confirmation of hopes fulfilled that a son can pass on to the mother. Due to the lyrics, the songs is perfectly suited to an outdoor wedding reception though it can also be played at a themed indoor event.


Mother like Mine-The Band Perry

This is one of the perfectest mother son wedding songs, it removes any insecurities that your mother might have as a result of your getting married. A mother unlike your wife is not chosen but given. Play this song and let your mother know that the same way you have chosen the girl of your dreams as your wife you nominate your mother as the woman you would have wanted as your mother in any life.


You’ll Be in My Heart-Phil Collins

One of the classics of all times, You’ll be in my Heart is another confirmation of the special place that your mother still has and will continue to have in your life irrespective of the additions you make to your family. Be prepared for some tears when hearing:

‘Don't listen to them

'Cause what do they know

We need each other, to have, to hold

They'll see in time, I know’


In My Life-The Beatles

Another famous classic, ‘In my life’ is bound to reaffirm your mother of the place she has held in your life, still holds and will continue to hold. Especially the stanza:

‘But of all these friends and lovers

There is no one compares with you

And these memories lose their meaning

When I think of love as something new’

Captures the deep connection your mother feels with you and fulfills her expectations of your preference for her before everyone and everything else in your life.


Stand by Me-Ben E.King

Though the song might be a bit of a turn off for the bride due to its lyrics it is sure to please your mom boundlessly. Some of the verses might be seen as if you are heading in for trouble and need your mom to hold the fort, she would know that marriage is not a bed of roses and would feel proud of your wisdom and content with your feeling of everlasting reliance on her.


Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song , unlike other mother son wedding sons, will be a testament to your mom, having fulfilled every mother’s ultimate wish, substantial, consistent and sustainable happiness for her child. She would also feel reassured in the fact that you are considering marriage as just one of many steps that have been taken on the advice and with the good wishes of your mother. And like other events, this event would increase rather than diminish her importance in your life. The slow music is also guaranteed to let you have a subtle dance with your mother.


A Song For Mama-Boyz ll Men

Another song of gratitude with the same theme as that of simple man, A song for mama is a classic hit that is bound to put a tear or two in your mother’s eyes. It would also go on to show the necessity of her presence and its value on your big day and assure her that she would continue to be the most important part of the journey you are about to take on.


My Wish-Rascal Flats

My wish is a non-typical mother son wedding song that comes with a bit of a twist. Instead of the son expressing his love and affection for the mother, this song is to be selected by the mother as a statement of affection for her child but more importantly as a prayer for his well-being and continued success in all endeavors. Ideally it should be chosen by a mother who knows the tender nature of her child and would be the perfect choice for a mother who initially objected to her son’s decision to get married or his choice of the life partner.


You Raise Me Up-Josh Groban

You raise me up is a song of gratitude and praise from a son to his mother suitable for any occasion but most for your wedding. It’s the top 1 on our mother son wedding songs list. Make sure to choose it as your song if your mother has played a major role in your success as an individual and professional.