A List of Wedding Blessings of Native Americans


Wedding blessings vary from cultures and regions, and carry a significant amount of importance. For the couple, it allows them to forgive one another and to clear away their differences. It can do more than giving couples a fresh start; it can give them strength and wisdom that will help them serve and understand each other in the marriage life. Here, we will take a closer look at the wedding blessings of native Americans.

A List of Wedding Blessings of Native Americans


Apache Weddings

The Apache tribe generally populates the Southwestern United States, more specifically from Northern Mexico to southern Colorado. Their homeland is comprised of high mountain regions, valleys, canyons, deserts and even part of the southern portion of the Great Plains. The picture below will show you their sincere wedding wishes.


Cherokee Weddings

The Cherokee Native Americans are considered one of the first ethnic groups to become US citizens who were not European. The tribes are commonly found in Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and tend to speak an Iroquoian language. Enjoy the Cherokee wedding blessings of native Americans by reading the picture below.


Aztec Weddings

The Aztec Indians populated the Valley of Mexico and were one of the dominant presences in Mesoamerica around the 12th century. As with many other mesoamerican civilizations, the Aztecs were known as a highly religious group and it was common for them to perform human sacrifices. So do you want to know how they bless a newly-wed? See the image below.


The Great Plain Indian Wedding

The Great Plain is located in the region from the Mississippi River to the Western Rocky Mountains. It extends from Canada to Texas and is a grassland that consists of various hills and valleys. In the Great Plains, there are a number of Indian tribes that populate the area. Some of these tribes include the Blackfoot, Quapaw and Arapaho. To learn about the wedding blessings of native Americans from the Great Plain region, please read the image below.


Inuit Weddings

Inuit tribes are found in the colder climate regions of Alaska, Canada, Siberia and even Greenland. They are more commonly known as Eskimos, which translates to "eaters of raw flesh". They prefer to be referred to as Inuit, which in their language translates to "people’" Their physical and cultural characteristics closely resembles the Asia's Mongolians. Their wedding wishes contain the same blessing for new couples.


Wedding Blessings of Native Americans

With so many various tribes inside and around the United States, many wedding blessings are hard to trace back to one specific tribe. The image below contains more beautiful wedding blessings that you can enjoy.