Complete Your Look: Necklaces for Strapless Dresses


Choosing a glamorous strapless dress for your wedding? And have already decided on the hairstyle and picked the best pair of shoes? Now here is the question: “what are the right necklaces for strapless dresses?”. If you don't know what is the right jewelry to complete your look, keep reading.

Complete Your Look: Necklaces for Strapless Dresses

Using simple and minimal jewelry on the wedding day is the best choice. You do not want your necklace to overshine your dress. Here are some tips on minimal necklaces for strapless dresses.

If your dress has a v cut at the sweetheart neckline, the best pick is an y-shaped necklace, which complements the neckline and will thus highlight your skin.

However if the neckline is a little more subtle like the one in the left and the one in the middle, you can use a round shaped necklace.

If you want a larger necklace, then go easy on the earrings, bracelets and headpieces..

Look how beautiful these dresses look with huge and glamour necklaces. Check the picture on the right, a y-shaped necklace with pearls and lace makes the dress look stunning. 

And the one in the right picture creates a bold look. It will make you look like a warrior princess.

If you are fashion forward and want unique necklaces for strapless dresses to make a statement. Go for the one in the right picture.

If you are a traditional bride, get a simple necklace which gives you a clean and polished look.

Oh man, who said that chokers are old fashioned? It has been popular since the 70’s, and it’s all over the bridal runways. Get a choker and get a vintage look.

If you choose strapless dresses for your bridesmaids, have them wear similar or the same necklaces. Minimal necklaces for strapless dresses are the best choice. Classic pearl necklaces can be a great pick.

Or they can forgo the necklaces and wear beautiful earrings instead.