New Wedding Hairstyles – the Trendiest Looks for Brides


When it comes to hairstyling, the trends come and go with impressive speed – and while some hairdos will go out of fashion, others have that timeless quality. But if you are on the braver side and do not want to opt for a classic bun, a simple wavy do or a perfectly polished updo on your big day, then you are probably interested in checking out some new wedding hairstyles and ideas on how to wear your hair on this very special occasion. This list features the dos that are trendy and stylish right now and that can be seen on designer catwalks around the world.

New Wedding Hairstyles – the Trendiest Looks for Brides

The Side Swept Low Updo

Symmetry is no longer in – that’s right, when it comes to low buns, forgo the classic symmetrical look and opt for a side swept low bun do, such as this one sported by Eva Longoria. A side bang is flattering on virtually anyone, but, most importantly, this style is super chic and sophisticated, while being current and fashionable at the same time.

The 1950s Pompadour

An edgy lady will certainly not opt for a traditional hairstyle, even if we’re talking about the most important day of her life, the day when all eyes are on her. So if you are one to embrace leather rather than anything pink, love the retro looks, are into androgynous styles, then check out this new wedding hairstyle: the 1950s pompadour! And if you’re thinking that the pompadour hairstyle is usually rocked by men and not by ladies, you are correct – but who can disagree with the fact that it looks super cool on girls, too?

Marilyn Curls

Few hairstyles scream ‘sex-appeal’ as well as this one does – and that’s because it was rocked, in its time, by no other than Marilyn Monroe. Perfectly polished curls on medium to short hair with a lot of volume – and, preferably, bleached blonde as well; these are the ingredients that make the perfect look for a diva that loves a vintage touch. Pair it with Marilyn’s trademark red lips and smoldering cat eye!

The Rope Braid Bun

Simple ballerina buns can get boring after a while and if you agree, then you are probably looking for new ways and alternatives to these clear-cut styles. Look no further: one of the new wedding hairstyles trends suggests braided buns as the new go-to-bun! Check out this amazing look, perfect for long hair (and possible for shorter hair too if adding extensions)!

The Braided Mohawk

If you are one of the edgy ladies described above and aren’t quite sold yet on the 50's pompadour look, then no problem – the list of non-traditionally ‘pretty’ and feminine styles does not end there. Check out this complex version of a Mohawk – with braids and lots of volume, you can count on it to make a style statement.

Retro Bobs

The bob has been the cut of the year and of the previous year as well, and the year before that. How so? Because this simple hairstyle flatters almost everyone, be it the case of round faces, oval or square ones. Not to mention, it is easily maintainable and versatile. But what if you want a more interesting version of the classic straight bob? Then go for retro bobs! Chop your hair on the shorter side and add very defined curls for a true retro look.

The High Chignon

The chignon is a classic bridal hairstyle and nobody can deny that. But, just like in the case of other elegant dos, it can look too precious and too expected at times. If you are looking for new wedding hairstyles and are interested in new alternatives to this classy do, how about this super high chignon?

Tousled Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down hairstyle is loved by all and worn by all, especially on special occasions such as weddings. But if you aren’t interested in loose or bouncy curls to pair with this style, then go for this trendy version that’s turning heads these days: the tousled half up, half down. Perfect for a bohemian wedding or a celebration with a romantic and effortless vibe!

Extra Large Updos

Sarah Jessica Parker is rocking a vanguard updo, that is for sure: this hairstyle impresses us with its size and ampleness, not to mention its perfectly polished shape. Dare to wear it with a one of a kind dress and statement accessories!

The Undone Updo

One of the coolest and chicest new wedding hairstyles out there is this version of a classic updo: the undone updo! That is right, you are allowed and even encouraged to get messy when creating an elegant updo – take out lots of wisps of hair to frame your face and don’t panic of it doesn’t look perfect, that’s the point!