Nature's Finest November Wedding Flowers


When it comes to wedding décor, flowers always say it right. Artfully arranged and visually stimulating flowers are essential to a wedding, formal or informal. There are some flowers that are available year-round but some are seasonal. Your wedding theme color very much depends on these seasonal flowers. Here are the most majestic November wedding flowers.

19 Gorgeous Wedding Flowers for Your November Wedding

Check out the best flowers for a November wedding, their meanings and decoration tips at the ceremony.

Calla Assorted

Calla assorted flowers are available in various delightful colors like yellow, marsala, pink and cream etc. These flowers have no scent. These are bulb flowers, shape resemble tulips.

  • Calla stands for beauty and assorted signifies the variety of colors.

  • These 30 to 70 cm long-stem flowers are best used in bouquets, surrounded by fresh green leaves, can can also be used as table decoration.



Cosmos are simple looking daisy-like flowers. They grow in pretty colors like pink, yellow, chocolate, orange and white. It’s not a scented flower.

  • Cosmos stands for beauty and modesty.

  • These are one of the best accents in fall weddings. Addition of cosmos flowers with other flowers in centerpieces and bouquets creates a striking view.



Snapdragon are boldly colored flowers. It has visually stimulating hues, shades of pink, white, burgundy, purple, peach etc. It has long leafy stems and jaw-like upper and lower petals. These are scented.

  • It represents strength, graciousness and named this after its resemblance to a Chinese dragon.

  • They are normally decorated in long vases, placed as centerpieces. Colors are selected according to the theme.



Stephanotis are luminous white hue fragrant flowers with short stems. A stephanotis looks like a five pointed star. 

  • Also known as Madagascar jasmine, it symbolizes harmonious marital status.

  • It’s mostly used in bridal bouquets with added faux pearls. But they can be used in centerpieces. Stephanotis can also be spray painted in any color you want with the theme.


Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera is a refreshing flower available in many bold colors. This fragrant flower has long petals that has shape like a sunflower.

  • A gerbera is the symbol of purity and innocence.

  • Like many November wedding flowers, these regal flowers can be used alone or by mixing. By mingling them with other flowers or using various colors of gerbera only, can also create a visual treat.



They are available in so many bright hues like yellow, pink, red, blue, and purple. Not all but a few of them have sweet fragrance.

  • They stand for royalty, faith and hope. Iris derived its name from a Greek goddess of rainbow.

  • Iris are mostly used in centerpieces and bouquets. Great color range makes it a great choice for theme weddings.



It’s an elegant flower that is formed by various small floral clusters. Available in colors like pink, white, purple, blue etc. A hydrangea is mildly fragrant.

  • It’s a symbol of friendship, passion and understanding.

  • These are great for wedding décor, can be used both alone or combining with other flowers.


Grape Hyacinth

Grape hyacinth as name suggests, resembles a bit like bunch of grapes. Also known as muscari, its colors are white, purple, green and blue. It smells sweet.

  • The word hyacinth stands for usefulness.

  • It’s best used in events decoration as an accent with many other flowers in bouquets and centerpieces.


Gloriosa Lily

Though quite resembling to the actual lilies, gloriosa lily flower does not belong to the lily family. Small, red flowers with yellow edges look stunning hanging from the vines. The flower has no scent.

These small red lilies with vines, look stunning in the decoration of wedding altar and backdrop. They can also be used in the table centerpieces trailing down from long vases.



It’s a simply majestic flower. Available in many hues like magenta, burgundy, purple, white and pink. Unlike many other November wedding flowers, it has no scent. Its other name is windflower.

  • Anemone means “daughter of the wind” in Greek mythology.

  • These can be used to décor an event as accents in bouquets and overall arrangement.



A delicate flower with a long stem and star shape. It’s also known as narcissus. Only a few varieties of daffodils are fragrant.

  • Daffodil is known as the symbol of wealth and luck.

  • Used in centerpieces because of its long stem. Can be used in other ways by mixing it with other flowers like iris, ranunculus and sweet peas.


Dutch Tulip

Dutch bulb-like tulip is available in many colors like red, yellow, white, pink, purple and orange. Its short stems and small blossoms make it different from other tulips. 

  • It’s a scented flower and has the meaning of happy moments, love and honesty.

  • A combination of various colors of a Dutch tulip, looks ravishing in weddings.


Paperwhite Flowers

It’s a set of various small clustered, star shaped, blooms on the top of a long stem. It has scent but not a sweet one.

  • It’s a symbol of fortune and richness in Greek mythology.

  • Paper white flowers can be used alone to get a more eye catching look but can also be accented by sweet peas and star of Bethlehem.



These small flowers are available in sensational hues like orange, pink, red, yellow, and lavender. Lily of Incas is the other name of it. It’s made of delicate petals. These freckled flowers have no scent.

  • The flowers are the symbolic representation of friendship and devotion.

  • These flowers are used in wedding décor like corsages, backdrop and above all, in centerpieces with long crystal vases especially.


Others November Wedding Flowers Like Roses, Orchid and Stock

There are flowers that are available year round to add color to your wedding! Scentless Peony is also available in Fall and Winter.