Off the Rack Wedding Dresses: Tips to Save Your Time and Money


Off the rack wedding dresses are one of the best choices for brides that are in a hurry to find a dress. Instead of waiting for months, you will be able to try on the dress and take it home the same day. And off the rack dresses are usually much cheaper than made to order dresses, which helps to cut down your wedding budget. Before you go out shopping, you should know exactly where to look for, what to expect, and all the little tips about choosing the perfect dress off-the-rack. So read on.

What to Expect

Shopping for off the rack wedding dresses is not as easy as it seems, you'll be facing so many gorgeous gowns in different styles. Try as many as dresses you can, but don't get overwhelmed and forget what you come here for. Pick the one that flatters your curves the best, and do not let the salesman tricks you to buy a shinning dress you will later hate. It's better if you could take 2 or 3 friends with you on the dress hunting trip, they will give you good advice.

There might be a chance that you could not find the right size, in case alternation is needed, shop for your dress at least a month ahead of your wedding.

Where to Buy

If you don't know where to buy off the rack wedding dresses, here are some awesome places you can pay a visit to.


Nordstrom offers stylish and innovated wedding gowns to their clients. Look at these three off-the-rack wedding dresses below.

The first one on the left is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, it seems like this bride is from a fairy tale. The one in the middle is a bold choice, modern and fashionable. And the one on the right is simply stunning.


The Blissbridal's slogan is “You are one of a kind, and so are we!” And if you are looking for a place that you will be treated as a princess, this is it. With consultant assistants to help you find the perfect dress in the middle of so many stunning choices, you will be sure to get the dress you love with zero effort.

Check these three choices from this store of our favorites designers: Pronovias, David Tutera and Mori Lee.


The last one on our list of top places to buy amazing off the rack wedding dresses is the Bridal Sample Store. This is the perfect place for you to have the full online bridal salon service.

And the top three picks from this website are two Pronovias wedding dresses and a stunning Mori Lee gown.