The Olivia Palermo Wedding: A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Bride and Groom


Getting married is always a moment in your life you remember. For all involved, it marks the point of an unbreakable union where the happy young couple gets together while they move forward in life. Most people want to make the event unique and memorable, and that is certainly true of the Olivia Palermo wedding. A gorgeous event with a beautiful young couple, it almost felt like the end of a storybook romance, and the beginning of their happily ever after as a couple.

The Olivia Palermo Wedding: A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Bride and Groom

Quiet and Quaint

Outside of the craziness of New York City, the young couple finally tied the knot after six years of very cute courtship. Between the two of them, they stayed relatively mum on their relationship for its duration, and their ceremony was also quiet and intimate, which fit them well. Since they cherish their personal privacy, they had a small wedding with only family and their best friends invited to the ceremony in a little park in Bedford, New York, encompassed by beautiful flowers. The aura of the park matched the handsomeness of the couple, as the intimacy of their ceremony also reflected on their personality as a duo. They have been extremely protective of their relationship, perhaps because it is such a special one, and something that many people could envy. One of the reasons this couple is probably such a success regardless of their entertainment backgrounds is their willingness to stay protective of each other, and their privacy. The wedding was, obviously, no different.

The Dress

So, what are the details on the Olivia Palermo wedding, anyway? And what about the dress? Olivia Palmero’s wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous, just like she is. Her natural beauty radiated her happiness as a new bride, and throughout the ceremony and reception, she displayed three different getups. All three of her dresses were made by Olivia’s loved designer, Carolina Herrera, who also created Olivia’s overall look for the wedding. Carolina had designed the outfits to fit Olivia’s natural look, style, and personality. For the wedding dress itself, she picked the natural color of cream for a cashmere sweater, bedecked with ostrich feathers, and a pair of simple white shorts overlaid with full skirt made of tulle. All of this fits the naturalistic style we so often see Olivia in; we cannot forget, in daily life, sometimes less is more.

Hair and Makeup

Carolina Herrera also created the look for Olivia Palmero’s wedding day hair and makeup. All of it was kept easy, simply, and natural, again to fit Olivia’s natural beauty, style, and personality. The makeup was sophisticated but light. Olivia’s hair was placed up in a ponytail with her trademark center part. The overall combination of the hair, makeup, and dress created a very soft, appealing, natural look that befitted the bridge’s personality.


Olivia’s jewelry was both stunning and original. She wore two stud earring trinkets, by designer Alexandra Mor. The studs fit the simplistic, natural look the rest of her outfit portrayed. She also wore a very personal and unique item; a bracelet she purchased while she was in Jodhpur, India. Olivia wanted to add something unique to the overall style, and added even more of her own uniqueness and personal touch into the personification of her wedding outfit.

The Groom

For the Olivia Palermo wedding day, the groom, Johannes Huebl, was the perfect reflection of his bride’s style. He looked extremely handsome that day, wearing a white Hamburg suit and piquet shirt by Marc Anthony, along with a Charvet tie and pocket square both in navy blue. Another cute detail about the couple is that they both were seen with “something blue” on their wedding day, as Olivia wore a pair of deep blue Manolo Blahniks.

The Love Story

What is even more adorable, perhaps, about this lovely young couple is the way they speak about each other. There is so much love in their compliments for each other, and since they had a long courtship of six years, it certainly seems as if they are meant to be.

Johannes Huebl spoke highly yet again about his bride to Flare magazine, said: 'I had a feeling that she would be The One from early on. Six years later, I finally asked her to be my wife.'

He also mentioned he certainly doesn’t mind the fact she looks hot in lingerie, which is his favorite thing that she wears, but he also mentioned she looks absolutely stunning when she dresses to go out.

The two have been asked what they thought about each other from the beginning. Olivia was struck by how handsome and smart Johannes is, while Johannes thought that Olivia was, in his words, “a cute ball of fun.” The relationship started out well, as they each cherished and demonstrated respect for the other, and it slowly grew into something much more deep.

What the world can say is that they are happy to see this long standing romance makes it finally official with the story book Olivia Palermo wedding. What is even more obvious is how in love this young, beautiful couple is. They are certainly one gorgeous set, and are known to be some of the best dressed people in their industry. We are glad to see they found each other, and wish them the best of luck.