20 Orange and Purple Wedding Ideas


Orange and purple might be two of the best loved bright colors around the world, but pairing these complementary colors together is a tough task, especially for a wedding celebration! These candy hues might inspire a Halloween vibe rather than a marriage, but with some witty and creative ideas, anything is possible. If you are up to it, read on and discover how to make a classy and beautiful orange and purple wedding come to life!

20 Orange and Purple Wedding Ideas


Big orange and purple blooms are all you need to put a smile on everyone’s faces! It should not be a problem if you want to incorporate fake flowers into the mix – they last longer and no one will be able to tell if they are high quality.


If you keep your flowers at a minimal color palette, you do not have to forego the others as you can choose to accessorize your flowers in another color. Satin ribbons especially look elegant with a bit of bling. It is a classy way to bring some glamour into a bouquet!


Orange and purple in calm, subdued hues can come to life as beautiful paper flowers adorning an all-white, pristine dining table setting. They simply pop with their bountiful petals and are not a distraction at the table at all.

If you aren’t into paper flowers, that is understandable. You can utilize beautiful elegant glass vases filled with water to display orange and purple flowers.


Let’s keep the bridal gown traditionally white, but you can have all the fun you want with the entourage! Take a cue from the bright jersey dresses from the first picture, with different colors signifying the maid of honor, family, and bridesmaids. If you would like a more subdued style, you can choose floaty, flirty darker versions of the colors, then make bouquets really pop!


Another tip once again utilizes flowers. Make beautiful and tasteful accessories for your entourage with blooms. Make them available for your entourage and their dresses will surely remain in their style, but they will look like they belong to your orange and purple wedding!


Bride and groom can each take one color. For example, the bride takes purple and the groom picks orange. The simple purple sash is a nice, unique dash of inspiration on her classic dress. The orange socks and orange boutonniere on the groom’s handsome suit effectively complement the purple sash.


Let’s talk more about the men’s wear! It is easy for you to wonderfully incorporate this color scheme to men’s suit. Ties, boutonnieres, vests, and even sneakers (if you are a more casual couple) are sure to turn heads and make this a memorable occasion.


Tablecloth is a simple way to incorporate these royal colors. Just laying a simple cloth, nothing too special, atop your dining tables or with other necessary implements for the ceremony or the reception, it will look really good.


Using cloth as implements on chairs during the ceremony or at the reception is nothing new. More often white tulle on these chairs, but be out of the ordinary by using orange or purple clothes to swathe your seating arrangements.


Use the colors in the font when you print out your program. The important thing to remember is to make them readable for everyone invited.


The tall, multi-tier wedding cake you have planned can also hold the colors. Whether these orange and purple wedding cake decorations are edible or not, your cake will surely look wonderful and appetizing.


This is a cute idea that is not often used — having a giveaway to your guests, while creatively incorporating your eccentric color palette. After a long day of shaking it on the dance floor, get ready for your feet to be in a world of pain! Hand out this cute, bright flip flops before the dance, and everyone will thank you for their comfortable dancing experience.


Don’t limit the colors of an invitation to regular, boring black. Print it in the bold colors like orange or purple. Using them as the envelopes will be cute as well.


Pastries will always have colorful frosting choices, so don’t pass up this chance of getting your bold orange and purple colors in your guest’s mouths! Your exact hue can even be emulated by your pastry chef given the right instruction.


Maybe it’s easier to get your dinner plates and utensils in regular white porcelain and silver, but who said your glasses had to be, well, glass? Keep the formal dinnerware in their original and classical state, but the harder and fun alcoholic drinks and fun snack desserts in fun plastic cups.


Do you have an outdoor orange and purple wedding? Balloons are generally avoided to avoid making the serious wedding ceremony into a child’s birthday party, but there are ways to go around this. If you have an outdoor wedding, try an easy-to-spot sign that will delight all guide guests!


Make the garter tradition a little more fun by using bright colors. The cloth bands and rosettes look even more exciting being slid up the thigh when every single person at the wedding can see it. Is that not more interesting?


Ring bearer pillow is a super fun way of adding some beauty to the wedding. It is not so bold as to steal the scene, but it adds cute implements that really round out your wedding theme, Make sure it is not too flashy, as you still want the couple to be the stars of the show!


The flower girl will appreciate her fully customized flower girl basket! Maybe you won’t be able to buy an orange and purple basket off the rack, but it’s easy to customize! Use cloths and glue guns to perfectly encase the basket in satin. Top off with a large flower and that little girl will have the spotlight for a minute!


You can use purple boxes and orange satin ribbons to personalize either your wedding favors, or the offertory boxes at a Catholic Church ceremony, or other purposes — perhaps for wedding wishes or donations to your favorite charity. The sky’s the limit!