Green, Fresh and Outdoorsy: How to Take Outdoor Weddings Up a Notch


Not much of a fan of indoor weddings? Well, you could always take your celebration outside churches and reception halls! With the clouds and the sun as your witnesses, your big day is absolutely going to be extra special. To help you make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, below are some of the best outdoor wedding ideas for your special out-of-the-box needs.

Green, Fresh and Outdoorsy: Outdoor Weddings Ideas

Have you always wanted to celebrate with the barn as your backdrop? You can always add style as you guide your guests to the reception area. With a few flower arrangements on the side, your reception is surely going to look extra fabulous.

Who would have thought that ladders can really go a long way even on your wedding day? With a bit of creativity and flower arrangements, you can absolutely add an artistic twist on your reception area.

While we are not supporting the cutting down of trees, we would all agree that these tree ornaments really played a big role in making the reception area look extraordinary. The good news is, you can always buy synthetic decorations like these if you want a bit of wooden touch on your outdoor wedding.

Worried about not having enough space for your big crowd? You can always arrange long tables so you would be able to accommodate all your guests. And yes, don’t we just love those lights?

Looking for simple, but elegant outdoor wedding ideas? Use the power of floral ornaments and colored bottles! Perfect for garden weddings, it can make that outdoorsy vibe even stronger.

If you are a fan of the Twilight saga, we’re sure this scene is familiar — yes, you got it right! It’s Edward and Bela’s wedding! What we can’t really help but notice are the floral arrangements. Just look at how it worked like magic on their wedding day!

With a few barrels on the side, your outdoor wedding is going to be a breath of fresh air. Don’t like adding plants on the picture? You can use these as cocktail tables too!

Wearing high-heeled stilettos isn’t really going to seal the deal especially when you’re getting married either in a backyard or a garden. So spare your guests the discomfort and offer them some flip flops so they can dance the night away.

There’s no substitute to using nature as your wedding ornament. Just look at how their family memorabilia looked terrific on those tree trunks! And of course, let’s not forget the lights too.

Looking for outdoor wedding ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Why not try using sticks, bottles and flowers on the side of your pavements!

Want something fresh and dainty? Try adding a touch of pink on your wedding theme! Garden-fresh and young, this outdoor theme is in it to win it.

Rain or shine, your guests will surely be able to use some help from umbrellas especially since you are in an outdoor venue.

Can I just say that this backdrop is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL? Rustic and romantic at the same time, this backdrop looks ultimately gorgeous. And yeah, it’ perfect for outdoor weddings too!

Want to go wooden all over? Piece of cake! Check beautiful wedding cake designs in the pictures below and you’ll know what I mean.

Not because you are about to celebrate your wedding outdoors, it means that you have to settle for beaches, gardens and barns. We can always take the celebration to the next level by choosing a venue on a roof deck. The view of the sunset and the countryside is just amazing, isn’t it? And of course, let’s not forget to add more lighting as well.

If you are looking for an altar set-up that looks anciently gorgeous, this is one of the outdoor wedding ideas that can absolutely help you out. Just look at how unique the altar is! It can surely bring back the hands of time.

Wedding escort cards should never be boring. With a few plant pots here and there, your wedding will surely emanate that outdoorsy feel.

Okay, so don’t we just love how the oranges blend perfectly with the fresh flower arrangements? Who might have thought that you can take your wedding vases up a notch by adding a twist of oranges? So feel the zest and don’t hesitate to buy a kilo of oranges because they can surely add flavor on your wedding day.

Always dreamt of getting married under a tree? Well, let’s make your wedding dream come true! Just hang some lighting fixtures on the tree branches and you will surely be just an inch away from the wedding of your dreams.

Don’t mind spending a bit more to make your entourage look like a wedding fantasy? Well then, let’s add more petals on your aisle!

Out with the old, in with the new—with all of these unique outdoor wedding ideas, your outdoor wedding is surely going to be extra fresh and spectacular.