Oval Engagement Rings – Tips and Top Picks


Picking the right engagement ring for your love is one difficult task. With so many options of styles and designs out here, the challenge is real and it can feel quite overwhelming. Just like in any other type of industry that is mainly destined to the ladies, engagement rings follow a certain fashion and various seasonal trends – and this year, the oval engagement rings are experiencing a major boost. With their elegant shape and unique cut, this style of engagement rings is suited for sophisticated ladies who love a royal element on their finger.

Oval Engagement Rings

Why Oval Cut

One of the main advantages of opting for an oval engagement ring is the fact that you get a higher carat. Basically, an oval-shaped diamond usually comes with a larger surface area than a classic round diamond that is equal in weight. While not as sparkly as a round engagement ring, ovals are quite brilliant as well, plus they usually come with a larger surface, which increases their sparkling power.

Another advantage that comes with an oval engagement ring is purely aesthetical, but non-neglectable. Oval rings make the fingers look thinner and more delicate than round or square-cut rings – and who is not a fan of that? And if all the above haven’t convinced you yet that oval is the way (or the shape) to go, then here’s one extra detail: Kate Middleton, the Duchess herself, rocks (literally) an oval shaped ring – perfectly suitable for a princess. With their regal shape and dainty style, oval diamonds make perfect choices for delicate and feminine ladies.

Shopping Tips

When purchasing an oval engagement ring, there’s one important detail you need to consider: the length to with ratio – since oval engagement rings can come under different widths and lengths, the overall proportions are important for the overall look. Make sure you look at a variety of rings with a length to width ratio between 1.3 to 1.7 in order to pick wisely between thicker and more slender types.

When on the hunt for the perfect oval engagement ring, one particular aspect definitely needs your attention: the bow-tie effect. Due to their elongated shape, most oval diamonds come with a so-called bow-tie effect, which is a visible shaded area in the middle of the diamond. This occurs as a result of the cut, and in some cases, it can impair the brilliance and overall look of the ring – this is why you need to visually inspect the diamond closely before purchasing to make sure the bow-tie effect is subtle and not too severe.

Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Oval Engagement Rings

The Rose Beauty

We’re starting our list of exquisite oval engagement rings with this unique and colorful stunner, which features rose gold, perfectly combined with a slender oval diamond. Perfect for an eccentric, out-of-the-box lucky lady!

The 4 Types of Diamonds Ring

This embellished beauty features no less than 4 types of diamonds: from round white diamonds to marquise, trillion and baguette diamonds, all displayed perfectly in one positively shiny ring, finished with white gold.

The Minimalistic Ring

If you’re a fan of simple styles and prefer something on the minimalistic side rather than a ring with layers and layers of sparkly diamonds and a mix of golds, then this creation set in platinum that features a floating basket setting is a brilliant choice.

The Floral Diamond Ring

This thick version of a sparkly engagement ring features, besides a central oval diamond with an almost-round shape, a floral detail on both sides with additional sparkly rocks.

The Geometric Ring

This classic ring features an elongated diamond in the center, guarded by 2 additional square-cut diamonds. A safe choice, but definitely memorable!

The Sunshine Ring

This gorgeous yellow gold and oval-cut diamond retails at over $7000, but it is all well spent when you get this special design that slightly resembles a brilliant sunshine with sparkly rays. It is one of the most stunning oval engagement rings on our list.

The Gold Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for a colorful diamond since the classic version is just not unique enough, this oval beauty is a great example of a slightly different, yet still classic ring, with its multiple layers and combination between platinum and yellow gold.

The Princess Ring

When thinking of princess-worthy rings, this sparkly creation is the most fitting example. Its classic shape and sparkly band are a perfect choice for a lady who loves glamorous bling on her finger.

The Fairy-Tale Ring

A gorgeous ring, perfect for symbolizing a fairytale-like modem love story. This highly ornamented ring showcases crescent details and a lovely sweetheart carriage, all with a vintage vibe.

The Oval Ceres Ring

A statement piece, for sure: a considerable size, a brilliant oval diamond, dressed in rose gold and combined with a decorative band and Art Nouveau details on the sides. It tells you why you can't miss oval engagement rings.