Pastel Bridesmaids: Peach Bridesmaid Dresses


When the bridesmaids want something beyond the regular pink hues associated with weddings, there’s a new hue in town. Break the tradition and choose this interesting color. Enter the fruity, joyful color of the cutest fuzzy fruit around. The whimsical peach color might not be the most common or popular color, but it is a trending look that will make your girl squad glow in orange-pink. See the best of fashion in peach bridesmaid dresses for juicy styles!

20 Peach Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple Strapped "Bailey" Peach Gown by Donna Morgan

This is a design that incorporates straps. This provides some extra support and can help the dress cling onto the wearer better. The color peach can complement a lot of skin tones, so the hair and make-up are all you really need to think about when you have chosen such a wonderful color!

Asymmetrical Top "Rachel" Peach Gown by Donna Morgan

Asymmetrical tops look edgy and unique, but the sweet peach color tones it down and makes the design wedding-appropriate. The asymmetrical shape draws attention to the bust area, away from the hips or the stomach, so this might be a good choice for weight watchers!

Peach Gown with Sash by Bridesmaid Wire

If the straight column of peachy keen color is a bit boring for you, you can play it up with a striking yet complementary sash. The belted dress makes for an interesting design that draws attention to a small waist, and adds some more accessories to your bridesmaids.

Two-Toned Peach Dress by AllureBridals

Another variation is a two-toned dress: cream for the bodice and a deep peach for the skirt. The colors look very nice together and is flattering on the body. The fullness of the skirt is appreciated more as it gives the illusion that they are separates.

Simple Peach Dress by David's Bridal

The wonderful color of peach bridesmaid dresses make most styles and shapes really pop. In fact, the simple cut and design of this dress really complements the unbroken column of whimsical peach color. The bridesmaids, after all, have to tone down the pizzazz and the sexy for the bride!

Midlength Peach Dress by Cooper St.

Mid-length bridesmaid dress is also a good option if long gowns can be a bit too formal for your wedding. This amazing dress has a draped skirt that gives a little flash of leg, but still remains at a conservative length. This design allows for the wearer to show off their accessories and shoes as well.

Low-back Short Peach Dress by Lovely Melody Clothing

If you are opting for a short dress or thinking of making a junior bridesmaid dress, consider this sweet and simple peach dress. Its details are just right for a casual wedding and would look really good in any picture with any crowd - something that you should think about if your wedding is casual as well as the dress code.

Brocade Peach Dress by ModCloth

If you are a fan of embroidery and brocade, this is a great choice for a bridesmaid dress. It has the right amount of length, swing, and volume to be sweet, but enough shine and uniqueness that keeps it chic.

Chiffon Peach Gown by Harsucc Thing

A long and sweeping peach bridesmaid dress can be made even more romantic with a soft fabric that can easily be layered, like tulle, crepe, or chiffon. This can be very sweet and even cotton-candy like when your entourage appears all together.

Sexy Cutout Peach Gown by Terani Couture

Balance the innocence of the peach color with some cutouts. The sides are exposed, giving a hint of skin hidden under the long dress. The skin-baring cuts are also embellished to add some interesting bling on the dress. There is also a thigh-high slit that adds to the daring nature of the dress. Add va-va-voom to the color with these designs!

Short Satin Peach Dress by Louise Wedding Dresses

This next design is one of the peach bridesmaid dresses for the younger set. The short length and the ribbons might be too youthful for some of your entourage, but for the younger set of bridesmaids, it's a wonderful and cute version that will be very memorable for every guest. It's the right amount of fun and flirty, and the peach color emphasizes that!

Jersey Customizable Peach Gown by Two Birds

If you are looking for a gown you can wear to many occasions, then this design by Two Birds will be perfect for you. The soft jersey blend will twist and lock to your will to create some interesting looks. Its fabric falls in all the right places, and it is even maternity friendly. This gown is a good investment!

Ombre Peach Gown by Halston Heritage

For something a little on-trend, look at the wonderful ombre, tie-dye inspired creations. This dress has an elegant use of the coloring style. The two-toned nature is creative and classic. The two colors actually complement and do not clash, and actually have a slimming effect that the line formed by the deep V-neck and ombre design creates.

Sequined Peach Gown by Halston Heritage

This is a dress you can skip the accessories on! There is a tasteful amount of bling on this dress that allows you to be simple, and understated next to the bride. The simple color also helps tone it down, but still makes the entourage shine!

Embellished Peach Gown by SaffronSaree

This South Asian inspired design is tasteful and unique in its choice of embellishment. Who would have thought that red beading on a peach dress would have such an energetic effect? The full skirt and the cap sleeves complement the sweet color, while the blood red details bring more mature aura to the wearer.

Couture Peach Gown by Elie Saab

This textured dress is from a favorite gown designer, Elie Saab. It is one of the peach bridesmaid dresses that will make your whole girl squad into dainty princesses. It's a unique look that will definitely turn heads and make your wedding photo album a real fantasy storybook.

Ruffled Peach Gown by Alexander McQueen

If you're a bride who wants to bring some drama to her entourage, then the ruffled, daring creations of Alexander McQueen are just the inspiration you need. The movable fabrics and fantastic design are tempered by the appealing color. This is a peach bridesmaid gown you won't find anywhere else!

Low Back Draped Peach Gown by Temperley London

The way the dress silkily moves down the body is a dream. While it may look like a very conservative gown, it allows a sneak peek at the sexy backside, complete with draping and the opportunity for some unexpected accessorizing.