Whimsical Wedding Dresses for Brides Who are Pretty Petite


Choosing a right wedding dress is a vital decision. It depends on a wedding gown that whether it is going to make or break the look. And, for brides who are petite, the right dress is something that can really do wonders to your look. Here we have compiled tips and picks for petite wedding dress, read on!

What Kind of Wedding Dresses Are the Best for Our Petite Brides?

Petite brides are mostly short in stature and narrow at the waist. So, what should they wear to look elevated at their wedding? Of course, all of them would have fantasized fitting in the sexiest of the gown, but is that really possible for them to do so? Well, yes it is! Here are those secret magical tips that would flatter your petite figure, just by wearing right ​Petite wedding dress.

Empire Waist

Empire waist wedding dresses are those that have a fitted bodice ending below the bust. They are high waisted dresses, so they make you look taller. These dresses are perfect for all those women who are petite.

A-Line Dresses

A-Line dresses are narrower at waist and flaring gently wider from the hip. So, for women who are elfin, it's a must to go for A-Line dresses to get that lengthened appearance.

Sheath Wedding Gowns

These dresses are tight-fitted to the body. Different brands are coming up with these dresses, so that all those petite women can dress stylishly, without looking short.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Yes, mermaid dresses will give you that lengthened look, all you need to do is to pick the right one. This kind of petite wedding dress is perfect to accentuate the slim body, making you look tall and beautiful. But, be sure you get the right fit.

Short Wedding Dresses with Trail

This is perhaps the perfect combo to get that taller look, when getting ready for your wedding. And it's better to opt for pencil skirts that are above the knee, without any flares.

Our Top Picks

So, you can get the most flattering dress for your figure and look taller like never before. Here we have complied a fabulous list of petite wedding dress, which will surely help you in picking the best fit for your wedding. Take a look here!

Lengthen Your Frame with Empire Waist

One of the easiest tricks to elongate your frame is to fit in a gown that gathers under the bust. In other words, pick something with an empire waist to look tall and beautiful.

If you are choosing a long dress with a flowing skirt, you are perhaps doing the best thing to look super stunning at your wedding. So, yes, go for petite wedding gowns that are long and have flowing skirt.

Seek Out for Modified A-Line Gowns

Another option is those modified A-Line gowns that are designed with a waistline just above your natural one. This will make the lower part of the dress appear longer, which in turn will make you look elongated and elegant.

You will have to avoid wearing dresses that has a lot of frills and detailing on it. Make sure the dress has no big bows, which will draw all the focus upward, making you appear smaller than your actual height.

A big no to all those dresses that show the waistline dropped really low. Not just your legs will seem like they do not exist, but you will look shorter like never before.

Sheath Shaped Wedding Dress

On looking at this type of petite wedding dress, you will find that they fit closely to the body from head to toe. So, if you pick these sort of dresses for your wedding, you are probably adding a few inches to your height.

But, hey, this is not something that will allow you to show your moves at your favorite tunes. As, it is tight fitted, you can’t really dance at the wedding. But you could opt for a shorter sheath wedding dress to solve the problem.

Luring Long Sleeved Gowns

Yes, you read that right! Gowns that have long sleeves will add to the inches instantly. When you go out and shop for your petite wedding dress, make sure that it is a sheath gown with a high neckline and luring long sleeves, which can give you a chance to look taller.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

A gown that is slim and closely fitted to the body gives a clean and lengthened look. You must completely avoid wearing those loose gowns that does not fit your curves. Baggy ones will make you appear fat and short, which no bride would want.

Sleeveless Wedding Gowns

A sleeveless dress is simply stunning. Dresses that are sleeveless having a V-neckline and halter straps work great for the petite brides. They make you look slimmer and taller.

Dresses with Nice Details

Petite wedding dress  can not just be sexy, but elegant as well. Choose something that has a bit of lace clubbed perfectly with a scalloped neckline that can show off some skin. This sort of dresses is sexy and feminine that can make you look gorgeous on your wedding. The details at the neckline helps to bring the eyes up and make people pay less attention to your height.