Creative Wedding Signs and Sayings to Delight Your Guests


As most brides and grooms, you want to make your wedding as special and as one of a kind as possible – from the layer cake to the ceiling decorations and from your perfect dress to the musical choices, all details should have that extra something for a memorable night. One of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding while entertaining your guests at the same time is to opt for funny, sweet and romantic wedding signs and sayings. Nothing sets the ceremonial mood better than a "Pick a Seat Not a Side" sign, just like nothing is more romantic than declaring that "All of You Loves All of Him" on a shabby wood board. Check out our list of wedding signs and sayings that will add personality and charm to your wedding, while simultaneously making your guests shed tears and laughter.

The Romantic, the Funny and the Quirky - Creative Wedding Signs and Sayings to Delight Your Guests

You Will Forever Be My Always

Few sayings are as powerful as this one right here: “You Will Forever Be My Always” speaks of a lifetime commitment and shows your dedication to one another. Make sure you’re providing a tissue–filled basket near, because some guests may certainly need it!

Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite

A sweet message with a witty touch – if you’re on the witty side yourself, then pick up a rustic board and write down these beautiful words… and then make sure to display them in a focal point at your wedding venue.

All of Me Loves All of You

A newcomer in the world of wedding sayings, this message comes from a super famous love song (‘All of Me’ by John Legend), thus making it just the right element for a wedding with lots of musical inspirations and details. But even if you aren’t using this saying from its musical background, its simple and sweet message is so powerful, it will definitely touch a lot of hearts.

Pick a Seat Not a Side

Another inventive saying featuring a subtle word game – the "Pick a Seat Not a Side" sign is perfect when it comes to representing an effortless wedding without strict rules and boundaries. If you’re dreaming of a bohemian event outdoors, this sign should be on your must-have list. There are lots of variations of this famous wedding sign, so choose the one that speaks to your most!

Best Day Ever

If you’re not a fan of long, complex messages and would rather prefer something more minimalistic that could express your feelings about the day and event while not saying many words, then this sign was made for you: Best Day Ever! Use it as a photo booth backdrop or as venue decoration – or, why not, add it on your guest book table or on your candy buffet table.

Now That We Shared Some Sandy Kisses, Celebrate with Us as Mr. and Mrs.

If you’re into rhymes and you’re going to get married on a beach, then this sign is definitely for you! Sweet, poetic and inviting, it is perfect for a wedding in front of the blue waves of the ocean. Choose a rustic piece of wood or, why not, a vintage surfboard in order to write down these beautiful words.

Happily Ever After Starts Here

Just like the "Pick a Seat Not a Side" sign, this one is a favorite amongst couples who are about to say their “I Do's!” and it’s a classic at the same time. Use it to guide your guests towards the ceremony with the help of a directional arrow.

Trust Me, You Can Dance - Signed, Vodka

While romantic and overly sweet sayings are all the rage, so are fun and goofy ones meant to lighten the mood and invite everyone to party! This one is the best example: take it as an invitation to hit the dance floor and don’t be shy when it comes to busting a move!

Don’t Worry, Ladies… I’m Still Single

Staying in the fun zone, here’s another perfect sign board you simply must use at your casual wedding: have your nephew or the ring bearer hold it for a few good shared laughs and smiles. A cute grandpa would also make an excellent choice!

It’s About to Get Real

There is a wide range of romantic and poetic signs and sayings that couples use at their weddings, but if you are rather on the quirky side, you might want to say it as it is. Few and simple words to capture the major moments you are about to experience: "It’s About to Get Real" is as real as it gets. Whether you opt for the "Pick a Seat Not a Side" sign or for the "It’s About to Get Real" one, make sure that your picks represent you couple the best and that they match with your personality, as well as the tone of the event and the vibe of the location.