Bridal Bouquets Gallery: Bouquets in Every Color


An elegant wedding gown, a stunning look and artistic hairstyle are not just enough to get a drop dead gorgeous bridal avatar. You need to add a splash of colors with a spectacular bridal bouquet. The fresh bridal bouquet would perfectly brighten up bride’s overall look. Check out the breathtaking pictures of bridal bouquets to get some inspiration.

Bridal Bouquets Gallery: Enjoy Gorgeous Pictures of Bridal Bouquets

Citrus Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet is a complimentary mix of flowers and greens. A dramatic display of lush citrus flowers with accents like ivory or cream would make a perfect bridal bouquet. Use of foliage in cascading or in any other style enhances its grandeur.

Yellow Bridal Bouquet

A yellow bridal bouquet is perfect for outdoor wedding especially if it’s a garden wedding. Nothing can match the freshness of the sun-kissed yellow flowers with accents like ivory and fresh foliage. It superbly compliments a white bridal gown.

Purple Bridal Bouquet

It’s a bouquet of rich jewel toned purple flowers. This combo is ideal for a fall wedding. Combining various shades of purple and lavender in a bouquet brings out the best. Fresh foliage accented with it displays the flower power to the fullest.

Fuchsia Pink Bridal Bouquet

Flowers always say it right. Fresh from the garden fuchsia flowers make some of the best bridal bouquets. Especially for spring and summer brides, this would be the best choice. As pictures of bridal bouquets prove it.

Orchard Fresh Multicolored Bridal Bouquet

Combining nature’s finest and freshest multi-colored flowers together in a bridal bouquet would give the stunning and visually stimulating view. Bouquets accented with fresh foliage in different styles would be a perfect choice for summer weddings.

White Bridal Bouquet

Tulip, roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies or peonies whatever flowers you choose to carry, a white hue guarantees a simply classy look. White bridal bouquet is never outdated. Accents like baby’s breath, or garden fresh foliage can be utilized. An ivory bouquet looks great especially in outdoors irrespective of any weather.

Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet

Brace yourself with a majestic and sweetest blush pink bridal bouquet. The romantic ambiance associated to blush pink cannot be competed. A simple blush pink bouquet looks fab particularly for fall garden weddings. If you want any other hue, white accents complement them best. With or without foliage, it looks graceful both ways.

Deep Red Bridal Bouquet

Combining the darker and deeper hues together would create a heart-warming and festive feel. Burgundy accents with leafy details is enough for making a bountiful bouquet. The inspiration is best for vintage autumn wedding.

Blue Bridal Bouquet

A blue bridal bouquet is perfect for outdoor especially for a beach wedding. There are many elegant shades of blue in fresh flowers like blue delphinium, blue thistle, hydrangea, veronica, anemone, etc. Even an addition of peacock feathers would add a splash of colors. White is the best accent along with fresh foliage. As pictures of bridal bouquets reflect.

Rustic Gold Bridal Bouquet

If it’s a rustic wedding theme, you can use non-traditional yet natural items like feathers in the bridal bouquet. Dye the dried leaves and other foliage in gold hue to get the best rustic bouquet. Accent like blue can give this stunning arrangement the perfection you wish.

Green Bridal Bouquet

Combining various shades of green with leafy accents like wild dahlia fern, green cabbage roses, scabiosa pods, Bud Stage Star of Bethlehem, Green Amaranthus, or Succulents would make a nice bridal bouquet for a garden wedding.

Mix and Match Colors

When it comes to flowers, more is less. Mix and match is the most traditional and eye-catching combination. Using different hand-arranged hues would make a bridal bouquet look like a rainbow full of colors. Check out the pictures of bridal bouquets in mix and match.

Tips for Picking Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the Symbolic Colors and Flowers

You can actually select the color of the bridal bouquet keeping in view the various symbolic meanings of flowers or their colors.

  • A combination of red and white flowers would represent the feelings of love between you two.

  • Pure white roses are the symbol of love and purity.

  • Want your flower bouquet to represent your loyalty? Add ivy in the floral arrangement.

  • Yellow irises would symbolize the passion of the lover.

Traditional or Non-traditional Scheme

If you want to follow the traditions, a pure ivory bouquet must be considered. Or for a non-traditional feel, there are so many unlikely combinations like pale pink, burgundy or many other jewel toned flowers.

Following the Wedding Theme

Setting a theme for wedding is quite trendy these days. Following a theme for bridal bouquet would add a festive touch to an already beautiful bride. You can add various accents to the bouquet, in accordance with the theme. For inspiration, look for pictures of bridal bouquets of certain themes.

Things to Consider When Choosing Fresh flowers

Opting for the fresh flowers mean that you must have them just a few hours before the wedding. You also have to consider the season. Some of your favorite seasonal flowers might not be available on your big day.

Silk Flowers for Variety

Nowadays you have many options for bridal bouquet. You can choose silk flowers as they offer an unlimited color range and variety. You can use them even after the marriage. Lastly, you know that these flowers would not wilt and would save you time as well as many extra bucks.