20 Inspiring Pictures of Wedding Rings


Putting a ring on it’ is the ultimate symbol of marriage. It’s largely an American tradition that is more often than not overlooked or checked off the photographing list. Couples often spend countless hours and lots of cash looking for the perfect ring. It is only fair that photographers take the time to capture splendid shots of the wedding rings. Below are some awesome pictures of wedding rings for inspiration.

20 Inspiring Pictures of Wedding Rings


Goofing off Shot

This is a great shot for a couple with a wild sense of humor that does not mind goofing around. It’s both fun and memorable. Years later, the couple will look back at this and laugh.


Meaningful Shot

The wedding rings in this shot lie snuggly in the middle of the dry brown leaf against a backdrop of pale green grass. The delicious contrast captured in this photo can be an awesome reminder for the couple of the ups and downs of marriage.


Happy Ever After

This is a ring on top of a silhouette of the bride and groom. It is an awesome idea that captures the bond of the newlyweds. It can be kept as a keepsake reminding the couple of the vows they made to be together forever.


The Strawberry Couple

Mr. and Mrs. Strawberry! This is a fun and playful shot. The natural beauty and texture of the strawberries helps draw you to the unnatural beauty of the cut stones in the wedding rings.


Pinky Promise

This awe inspiring ‘pinky promise’ and ring shot is not only simple, but also deep and playful. It captures the gravity of the occasion in a somewhat subtle way. The couple will never forget the vows they made to each other. Using this idea, you can take many similar but different pictures of wedding rings.


Remember Our Vows

The wedding rings lie intertwined on an open bible with a pink rose and petals in the background. If the couple is religious, this photo will be a remembrance of the vows they made before God for years to come.


The Romantic Shot

This is a classic bouquet wedding ring shot. The clarity of the main stone stands out against the pink of the flowers. This is one photo that screams, “Look at me!” You can bet the couple will be looking for a long time.



This is a classic “show off the wedding rings” shot, but the flowers in the background add visual interest. The perfectly manicured nails of the bride and the intricate ring add some much needed bling to the composition of this photo.


We are Married

This photo screams, “passion”. While the focus is on the wedding ring, the couple is kissing passionately in the background in a show of eternal love. This is definitely a shot to remember.


Including the Pet

Even the dog didn’t miss the wedding. Pulling this off was not easy – not by a long shot. The photographer did a fine job getting the dog to pause for the shot with the wedding ring sitting on its snout. This piece should be framed and hang on a wall. It makes for great memories. You can certainly take adorable pictures of wedding rings with your lovely pets.


The Wedlock

You’re mine forever! This is what two rings on a padlock symbolize. The photographer captured the essence of a wedding with one simple shot. There’s not too much going on, but it gets the message across in an instant.


The Rings

A wedding is about two rings - the engagement ring and the wedding ring. A shot with both rings is a great idea as it captures the transition from love to marriage. Balancing the sliver wedding rings on the two ribbons with pegs must have taken some time. The gunny sack background made for a nice contrast in this shot. It is both unique and memorable, and any couple would want to keep this.


Tie the Knot

This shot captures the essence of the phrase ‘tying the knot’ as the rings suspended on a knot that signifies the union between the couple. The green background draws the eyes to the sparkling rocks on the suspended wedding rings. The creativity in this shot is awesome as it must have taken quite some effort to set it all up.


Rings and Forks

It’s rare to find wedding rings and forks incorporated in the same shot. The intricate play with light grabs your attention at first glance. The gold rings rest snuggly between the teeth of silver forks that represent the bride and the groom. This is a memorable shot that captures the glamor and glitz of the couple’s union.


The "Dessert"

Cupcake with wedding ring sprinkles! There isn’t a better way to describe this shot. The deep red of the cupcake and the white cream at the top are the perfect backdrop for the sparkling wedding ring. Be sure that you take some "sweet" pictures of wedding rings!


May God Bless us

Quite a bit of creativity went into this shot. The bible forms a love heart from which the two wedding rings peep. You can never run out of props during a wedding ceremony. This is a shot to remember.


Forever Love

“With this ring, I devote my love to you”. This is what the groom seems to be telling the bride. A kiss on the hand often symbolizes devotion. The photographer captures this perfectly by making the wedding ring and the kiss on the hand the focal point of the shot.


The Sweet Shot

Everything about this shot is perfect. The indirect light falling on the bride’s tresses really help make this shot. You simply can’t shoot a wedding without taking the perfect shot of the bride and groom with their wedding rings.


The Ring and the High Heels

You can never run out of backdrops. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, someone pulls off a masterpiece in an all-white setting with the ring suspended precariously between the pearl white high heels. This is simply amazing.


The Bride and the Ring

Believe me ,brides like pictures of wedding rings and her. Here the gold ring with a white pearl stands out against the bride’s white dress, and the bouquet adds a splash of green to complete the perfect shot.