How to Plan a Bachelorette Party


One of the big jobs for a bridesmaid is planning the bachelorette party. It’s a kind of “last hurrah” for the soon to be hitched lady of honor and is meant to be a fun and exciting way to celebrate her upcoming wedding, not to mention her last days as a single lady. Not sure where to start planning this much loved and memorable wedding tradition? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know for planning a bachelorette party.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party


Talk to the Bride

Find out what she’s expecting for her bachelorette party. Does she want a quite home affair or a fun trip? Does she want a wild night out at the bar or a quiet day at the spa? Does she want matching shirts and decorations of certain male anatomy? These are all important questions to ask your bride before planning her party. Try to get a sense of what is important to her and what isn’t and then plan the party based on those information. By the time you finish talking to her, you should have an idea of where she wants to go, what kind of activities she’s expecting, and if she wants a certain theme.


Brainstorm Party Ideas with Other Bridesmaids

Tell the rest of the bridesmaids what the bride is looking for and ask them to offer up their own ideas. You’re brainstorming, so it’s okay if every idea isn’t perfect or doesn’t sound like it fits the budget. Make sure all the bridesmaids get an opportunity to contribute. Give them a deadline and if you don’t hear from them before that, then they’ve lost their chance. 


Decide a Date for the Event

The perfect date is as important for planning a bachelorette party as it is for the wedding itself. A wedding is an exhausting affair, so you probably don’t want to take her out for a wild night the day before the wedding. Try to find a day that suits everyone’s schedules by talking to the bride first and trying to coordinate with everyone else’s schedules.


Create a Budget and Stick to It

Decide on a total budget and determine how it will be split up between things like decorations, food, etc. Also set a budget per person. Pick a person to be in charge on the finances and have her collect money by a due date. It’s best if everyone pays beforehand, so no one is stuck charging the whole party to her account and waiting on people to pay her back.


Come Up With a Creative Bachelorette Party Idea

The traditional strippers and sex toys may be uncomfortable for some, so keep everyone in mind when planning party activities. Instead, think about a day at the spa or a night out at a fancy restaurant. Check out 20 fresh and unique bachelorette party ideas HERE.


Arrange a Designated Driver if Necessary

If you’re planning on a night out or anything that involves drinking, make sure that you plan for a driver. No one wants to get stuck schlepping their drunk friends around, so plan for someone outside of the bridal party. A party bus is a fun option.


Make a List of Games and Favors

Planning a bachelorette party is all about the games and activities, so make sure you have something special planned. A scavenger hunt is a fun activity if you’re going out on the town. Items can be anything from finding a drink umbrella to getting a kiss from a stranger. If you’re planning on a party at home, plenty of food and drinks are a must. Purchase on a variety of foods and drinks to keep your at-home party just as interesting as a night out. Wine tasting can be a fun option. The traditional slumber party is another sweet option.


Book Everything Early

If you have made the important decisions already, like when and where you’re planning on having the party, it’s a good idea to book everything as soon as possible. This will help keep costs down as booking early often has discounts. It will also ensure that your party doesn’t get derailed by a full hotel or flight.


Keep a Surprise for the Bride

While you want the bride to know a little bit about your plans for the party, you don’t want her to know everything. Most brides like being the center of attention at their bachelorette party, so you need to prepare a couple of props for her so that everyone knows she’s the lucky lady. Anything from a sash to a princess tiara will help her stand out from the crowd. Smaller props are great because they can be worn for a while and taken off when the bride wants to get some serious pictures with her crew. Anyway to say that this girl is the bride is sure to bring a smile to her face. Just be creative!


Send Invitations

Once you’ve finished planning a bachelorette party, send out invitations to everyone. Make sure the bride’s maids know that a contribution is expected and give them the price in the invite. Also, don’t forget those RSVP cards. You want to know for sure who is coming.