6 Quick Tips for Planning a Wedding in 5 Months


Some people have an entire year to plan their weddings, but there are other people that want to get married in a hurry. It can be stressful to try and put together a wedding fast. Anybody who has been married before will tell you there is a lot to do, and this is true, but you can do it. Read on to find out things you can do, as well as steps you can take, to get hitched quickly by planning a wedding in 5 months.

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6 Quick Tips for Planning a Wedding in 5 Months

Prioritize What You Have to Have

You know that new trends in wedding styles, dresses, and ceremonies are emerging daily. So, it can be difficult sometimes to know where one should even start. Accept that you cannot possibly review all of what is out there, make choices that both fit your personality and that your fiancé agrees with. Make up your mind ahead of time, when you know what you want, and can explain it to others, it will cut back your search time dramatically, and save you a lot of stress.

The First Month Is Important

Most people that plan a wedding usually begin to plan about twelve months before the actual wedding. Cramming it into five might seem a bit overwhelming, and this is where the first month becomes crucial. If you’re planning a wedding in 5 months, you have twice as much to do. At this point, you want to set your budget right away. As soon as you know what that is, you can start planning.

Your planning in this first month should include:

  • Booking the ceremony as well as venue,

  • Getting your gown along with picking out the bridesmaids’ getup

  • Deciding on the honeymoon.

Don’t leave your fiancé out of the planning process; make sure the two of you discuss things as a team. Your best bet for a good outcome at this point is to work together as a team and get what you both want to be straightened out, then move forward with some of these things within the first thirty days.

Organize Yourself

It helps to create a binder to plan your wedding, so you keep all of your ideas and must haves together. Not only is it time saving, but it also makes things easier to plan and find. Since you are on a time limit, it’s important to keep things simple, as this will help you accomplish and achieve your goals before the deadline.

Take Things as They Come

Since you are going to have to move quickly, chances are, you will not always be able to have things your way. The thing you decide on first may simply not be available in the short term. You might not get the venue you originally dreamed of, for instance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a lovely one, possibly even better than the first. Try to be easy-going when you are moving quickly for planning a wedding in 5 months, as it is your best bet to stay happy and not letting the stress get to you. The other nice thing is that something improvising leads to saving money. For instance, you might have a friend or family member with a nice backyard that is willing to host the wedding. It can save you thousands, and also, avoid you from going down into debt early on in your marriage, which is another bonus, since most couples fight about finances.

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you can afford to do it, you can hire an event planner to help you with your timeline. You can have them plan the whole thing, or just let them deal with some things that are overwhelming. A good wedding planner, though, can be hard to find. It does take the time to look and find somebody who is right for the job, and right for your wedding.

If you cannot afford one, don’t worry. Many people plan weddings without wedding planners. This point is where both friends and family can give help. Often, people are eager to assist the newlyweds, and there is nothing wrong with handing out a few tasks to reliable people that are excited for your big day. It can help you from getting too stressed out, and also, allow some of these people to get more happily involved with your big day. Not to mention, it also saves you money.

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Enjoy Yourself

While planning for a wedding can be a stressful time for anybody, especially when you are planning one fast, don’t forget to enjoy this process. It is an important mark in your life as you are planning to start your life anew with the person you love. So don’t let the process drown you with stress—yes, planning a wedding in 5 months can be stressful—but keep the happy end goal always in mind, and that is your happily ever after!

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The key is to make sure you stay organized, get on top of things, and keep planning. Make sure always to visualize what you will have when this is all over—the wedding and life of your dreams. So, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your wedding.