10 Must Have Plus Size Fringe Bikini to Accentuate Your Curves


With summer in all its glory, who can stop thinking about slipping in to their favorite swimsuit? The beach is probably the best place to be at right now. You want to soak up the sun and get that perfect natural tan in a stylish manner. Swimwear is quite a sensitive topic and women in general tend to overthink when it comes to their body shapes. There’s no need to worry , just focus on looking your very best and flaunting those stunning curves. We have carefully selected some of the best plus size fringe bikinis out there for curvy women. These top ten selections will help you in accentuating your natural curves in the best possible manner.

10 Must Have Plus Size Fringe Bikini to Accentuate Your Curves


Retro Fringe Top High Waist Bikini, $11.80-$21.11

This funky plus size fringe bikini is definitely a summer blast on its own. The fringes will keep focus on your plus points and the high waist will ensure you a good figure without any love handles coming out. Rock the beach in pink this summer and feel free to simply relax and enjoy this stylish bikini.

From amazon.com


Solid Color High Waisted Fringe Design Bikini, $8.34

White is a definite beach color. Whether you’re opting for a pool party or looking to spend some quality time at the beach, this solid color high waisted fringe design bikini is perfect for you. It pushes up your bust and helps avoid unwanted attention at the middle part.

From sammydress.com


Bandeau Padded One Piece Bikini, $9.99

This pink plus size fringe bikini is one piece style which is a lovely combination of safety and sexiness. The fringes offer a naughty look while the one piece keeps the body fat intact and helps you shine throughout the day. The fitted waist allows a good bust booster.

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High Waist Two Piece Bikini, $59.99

Please don’t think about going to the beach without having this super cute bikini on. The high waist is perfect for the accentuation of your naturally beautiful curves. The padded top helps in enhancing your look and is great in terms of protection as well. The pattern in blue is quite funky and is perfect for wearing on the beach.

From hellowaist.com


Tassel Decorated Pushup Bikini, $22.37

Enjoy ultimate confidence and comfort with this tassel decorated pushup bikini with a halter neck. This plus size fringe bikini has a pushup top that will flatter your figure whereas the fringes will help create a stylish look.

From modlily.com


Neon Long Fringes Bikini, $16.99

Create a fashion statement with the long fringes whilst having extra coverage as well. The neon color makes the bikini perfect for both day and night times.

From groupon.com


Coast Encounter One Piece Swimsuit in Black, $51.99

The plunging neckline on the one piece swimsuit in black by Mod Cloth offers accentuation of your curves and brings attentions to the right place. This plus size fringe bikini in black has more coverage of the waist and the stretchable material helps to avoid a sloppy look.

From modcloth.com


Halter Green Oversized Two Piece Swimwear, $23.04

This green two piece swimwear offers you a unique way of showing off some skin without bringing too much attention to your waist line. The long fringes will help in creating an illusion of slimmer figure and the stretchable fabric of the two-piece will provide extra comfort when swimming.

From rotita.com


Black Tassel Design Bikini, $24.50

We absolutely love the crop top design on this plus size fringe bikini. The little panty helps create an hour glass figure. The fringes have been made uneven to enhance the figure and offer symmetrical look. Choose this bikini in black by Rotita for your fancy pool party of your next trip to the beach.

From rotita.com


Green Haltered Plus Size One Piece Bikini, $19.29

The rings creating the halter neck look provide a bold and stylish look. The long fringes on this one offer maximum coverage and create a beach-party look. You can pair it with your favorite gold jewelry to enhance your overall look. Little details of this one piece such as the v-neckline and the knot at the bottom create a subtle sensual approach.

From rosewe.com