19 Plus Size Wedding Dresses-For Our Curvy Girls


Finding a wedding dress can be a thought provoking and anxious task if you are conscious about your figure. While a slim and slender figure is thought to pull anything off, a chubby physique requires more hard work. That however does not mean you can’t find a dress for yourself. This article includes 19 plus size wedding dresses that can match your body shape perfectly. 

19 Stunning Plus Size Wedding Dresses

These dresses can make you look absolutely stunning and complement your silhouette and neckline.

Cap Sleeves Wedding Dresses

This wedding dress is designed to emphasize your busts if that is what you want. Cap sleeves end at your arm’s widest point. When a dress ends at a portion of a limb it tends to attract attention to whatever is below that limb. Thus if you have a big bust and want to show it off then go for cap sleeves.

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Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses

Long sleeves should be your main preference if arm length is a major concern for you. Long sleeves help to divert attention away from the shortness or longness of your arm and onto the sleeve design. It also helps to draw attention away from your midsection thus making your body look more symmetrical.

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Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

The sweetheart plus size wedding dress is designed to offer greater support to the bust despite covering more of it. Hence it should be preferred by women with larger busts but still a deep desire for looking feminine and romantic.

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V-neck Wedding Dresses

The V-neck style is the standard style that women with varying body shapes can pull off with ease. Whereas the V-neck can act to accentuate height it also diminishes the appearance of the bust.

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Wedding Dresses with Square Neckline

A square neckline is ideal for brides with round rather than oval shaped faces since it improves the bone structure and seems to elongate your features.

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A line Wedding Dresses

The A line wedding dress suits ever body shape. This is one of the best plus size wedding dresses. It covers what you need to cover and create a slim figure. It also makes you look taller than you actually are.

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Illusion Neckline Wedding Dresses

Adding an illusion neckline draws attention to the upper back, chest and arms along with falling nicely over the shoulders. It can be added to both V and square necklines and still show off the décolletage.

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Wedding Dresses with Halter Neckline

A halter neckline is a double edged sword. It helps to make a petite bride look broader while allowing someone with broad shoulders to look elegant.

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Wedding Dresses with Straps

Straps offer support to big busts and look stylish on different body shapes. The chiffon will also provide comfort to you throughout the ceremony and hold delicate embroidery.

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Mermaid Wedding Dresses

This wedding dress is ideal for brides with curvy hourglass figures who want to emphasize their curves rather than conceal them. It accentuates the curves by sticking tightly to the hips and the legs till the knees while spreading out beneath them due to which it can be a bit constricting sometimes.

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Sheath Wedding Dresses

Though ideal for lean and petite frames, the sheath design can also look good on curvy body types, making them look slimmer. Should be avoided by brides with pear shaped bodies since it would make their features look expansive.

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Wedding Dresses with Empire Waist

The empire waistline dress is one of the most figure friendly plus size wedding dresses in demand these days, due to their ability to make the hips look narrower while enlarging the bust. It is preferable for tall brides with a not so curvy physique. Furthermore, the empire style wedding dress can be customized to all sorts of weddings whether outdoor or indoor.

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Wedding Dresses with Belt

A belt is one of the most popular accessories in wedding gowns these days that can be added to all sorts of wedding dresses. They are ideally suited for dresses with minimal embroidery where the belt can become a major showstopper especially with a jewel or two on top of it.

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Wedding Dresses with Beading Work

Beads can be a terrific addition to a wedding gown especially one with minimal design. It helps to accentuate a plain texture with some creative embroidery and weighs down on a light dress thereby improving its fall and flair at the bottom. Beading above the bust line helps to bring attention to the neckline and make people look slimmer.

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Wedding Dress with Detailing On The Top

This wedding dress idea can be combined with a host of others to accentuate the bride’s upper body on her big day. Whether V neck or square, ask the designer to add a bit of design along the straps and the bust to draw attention to collar bones and upper chest.

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Wedding Dresses with Dramatic Bottom

Rather than attracting attention towards the top, a styled bottom accentuates the bride’s phyhsique from the bottom to the top instead of the other way around and gives an airy feeling.

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Tea length Wedding Dresses

The tea length wedding dress is ideal for brides with a shoe fetish rather than a lust for it maks their bodies look more curvy. The tea length dress should end at the shin to improve visbility of the ankle and the feet.

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Knee Length Wedding Dresses

The knee length plus size wedding dress is designed for tall brides with curvy features but relatively leaner legs. Complement your look with a pair of high heels and stockings.

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High-low Wedding Dresses

The High-low includes an intermission hem in front and a longer floor length one in the back. It creates a chic look and brings attention to the legs, thus it is good for brides with fine legs.

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