Most Popular Wedding Dresses 2016


Every bride wants to be on point on their wedding day, she wants everything to be perfect the way she dreamed, and with the dress is no different. The bride wants to feel stunning, feminine, sophisticated and fashionable, so to help all the soon to be married ladies, we have some tips to find the perfect gown to your special day, following the trends of most popular wedding dresses.

On the runaways this season we can find some really interesting and cool trends to follow, the designers go very far with different and bold approaches of fashion. The modern bride is not as interested on the elegancy of the dress as before, often we see brides with small and simple wedding gowns, like the actress Keira Knightly for example. She has always follow the fashion trends and was never afraid of being bold and saucy with her outfit choices. And she surprised everyone when she got marriage in a small and simple dress. Even Angelina Jolie went far with her wedding look when she made veil with her the children drawings. Which only shows how the brides are willing to change the standards more and more.

So let’s check out some of the most incredible trends from 2016 bridal runaways and find out what we can copy from the most popular wedding dresses this season.

The 7 Trends Behind the Most Popular Wedding Dresses on the Runway

Trend 1: Flower Print

Flowers are one of the most important things on a wedding, they are everywhere, and there is no reason to be different with the wedding dress. It adds a feminine touch to the gown and some fun too. This is a really bold trend since the most important tradition of a wedding gown is white color. But maybe you should try, check how cool it looks, plus even princess are into this trend. In the new live-action movie of Cinderella, the heroine wore it herself making the choice of the costume designer, Sandy Powell, one of the most popular wedding dress designer in movies.

Trend 2: 3D Flowers

Are flowers print too much to you? Do not be sad, the flower trend is also on the 3-D floral embellishments! This is a more fashion-forward statement to the flower fever and it gives texture and dimension to the wedding silhouette. Every runaway and collection has at least one dress with this 3D detail and you must love it!

Trend 3: Cropped

There is no trend that brings out the fun and young vibe like a two-piece wedding gown, especially if we are talking about croppeds. You can follow all of the most loved silhouettes like mermaid dresses but with a two-piece look. You will feel really comfortable and fashion forward in it, be sure of that. Croppeds are great to an outdoor wedding or a boho themed wedding.

Trend 4: Rose

You can be a woman that do not loves pink, but you cannot deny that a rose shade to a wedding gown looks perfect! Do you want to feel really feminine and gorgeous on your wedding day? Try this wedding trend, a rose gown makes the bride own the aisle. It is sweet and tender, who does not want that? Check these popular wedding dresses and you know it's the right choice.

Trend 5: Deep V Necklines

Every woman wants an excuse to wear a really deep v-neckline and here is yours, it’s fashion! Designers want you to use it, so who can say no? Sweetheart necklines are the bomb when we are talking about wedding gown, but let’s make a change and go with a beautiful deep v-neckline. If you still not completely sure about it, here are three more reasons for you to go with this trend, it elongates your frame, it is sexy and flatters your upper body! 

Trend 6: Bateau Neckline

You are not feeling it the deep v-neckline vibe? And want to go with something safer? Try the beautiful and traditional bateau neckline; it never goes out of style. You can look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. You show a little bit of the shoulders but not too much, which adds the mystery to it. 

Trend 7: Feathers

Do you want to find out an eye-catching yet simple and light detail that will make your wedding gown look stunning? Here is the answer: FEATHERS! This trend is filling every bridal runaway; and many popular wedding dresses have it. You can have a whole bunch of feathers all over the skirt, or only on the mermaid bottom part, or even a little bit of plumes on the top. It is a gorgeous trend that adds texture and dimension to the silhouette.

Now that you have seen all of our favorite trends on the bridal world, which one is your favorite? Do you know any other that you want to share with us? Let us know.