Top Picks of Princess Cut Halo Setting Rings


There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect ring, after all, it’s something you’ll be showing off every chance you get prior to the wedding! While you may not have the budget to get that 2 carat diamond, you can with a smaller cut and pair it with the right setting to give it that extra “wow” factor. When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, the princess cut halo setting is the best combination. Read on to find out why!

Basic Knowledge About Princess Cut Halo Setting Ring

When it comes to determining if the princess cut and halo setting combination is the right choice for you, you need to know the specialty about each element.

Next to the round brilliant diamonds, princess cut diamonds are the second most popular choice for diamond shapes. The princess cut diamond was originally debuted in the 1960’s and is sometimes referred to as a square modified diamond. It features a square or rectangular shape from a top view and resembles an inverted pyramid from the side view with four beveled sides. Because of its unique faceting style, it is suggested that women who prefer the princess cut diamond are often ones who are more willing to take risks or be leaders.

When you hear the term setting, it refers to the placement of diamonds or gemstones that surround the center stone. A halo setting will often increase the sparkle of the ring and make the center stone appear larger. Halo setting are a great option for those who want to save a little money on a smaller carat while still choosing a stunning ring.

So just imagine what it will look like when you combine these two key features of a ring!

Top Picks of Princess Cut Halo Setting Rings

When you choose a princess cut halo setting ring, the end result is a beautiful dazzling ring that will be admired by anyone who sees it and adored by the one who wears it.

Two Tone Halo Setting with Pave-Set Diamonds

The center diamond is only 1.3 carat but it looks much large in this halo setting. Accented with the pave-set diamonds, this ring is brilliant and beautiful. The band is of 14K rose gold while the halo setting that features the center stones is of 18K white gold.

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Halo Setting with Diamond Side Accents

This 1.5 carat princess cut diamond is surrounded by additional glittering stones from top to bottom. The sides of the ring are studded with stones and the center stone sits on top of a bed of stones which gives this ring its larger appearance. The band is a slim rose gold which is the perfect complement.

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Rose Sapphires and Halo Setting

Stunning, beautiful, and uniquely romantic, this ring features a princess cut diamond surrounded by gorgeous pink sapphire stones. The band is made from white gold and displays additional diamond accents while the halo setting is a rose gold to perfectly blend with the sapphire stones.

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Framed Princess Cut Diamond

This ring is bold, modern and chic! The total carats of the ring only total .45 carats but that is definitely not the appearance it gives. The princess cut diamond is beautifully framed and then surrounded by sixteen diamond accents, giving this a unique and elegant finish.

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Infinity Band Halo Setting

The princess cut stone weighs in at just under 1 carat but, when surrounded by the diamonds of the halo setting, it looks much larger. The band of this princess cut halo setting ring features an eternity knot designs accented with pave diamonds which will really make it shimmer from every angle.

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White Gold Asymmetrical Halo Setting

The princess cut diamond is beautifully displayed in a frame of round diamonds and is paired with a unique 14K white gold double band. The band is accented with round diamonds for a truly chic and eye-catching design.

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Halo Setting with Woven Band

The woven pattern of the 14K white gold band really captures your attentions and perfectly displays the princess cut diamond. This is a truly timeless ring with delicate details that will be ideal for those who want a vintage inspired ring and a lot of glamor.

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Starburst Halo Setting

A truly brilliant ring that is rich with sparkle and depth. The princess cut center stone is elaborately surrounded by diamonds giving a blooming effect and the band is beautifully adorned with brilliant diamonds giving this a larger than life look.

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Double Bloom Princess Cut Diamond

Simple and elegant can perfectly describes this beautiful ring. The princess cut diamond is accented by a string of pave set diamonds along the band, giving this ring a delicate look.

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Trio Princess Cut Diamond Ring

What is better than just one beautiful princess cut diamond? How about a trio of them? This stunning princess cut halo setting ring features three dazzling princess cut diamonds each set on top of a halo setting surrounded by round cut diamonds. Two princess cut sapphires are also featured in the bezel setting for a truly remarkable and lovely ring.

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Double Framed Princess Cut Diamond

Would you believe this ring only features a total weight of less than 1 carat of diamonds? The double frame around the princess cut diamond really gives this ring is grander look. The band and halo settings are of 14K white gold which beautifully enhances the look of this ring.

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Detailed Halo Setting

There are so many fine details featured on this ring that you never even realize the actual size of the diamond. The triple band features one band accented with diamonds while the princess cut diamond sits upon a bed of diamonds adding to the depth which makes this ring look much larger than it actually is.

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