A List of Processional Songs for Wedding Party


You've dreamed about this moment for so long and now it is here, then you must want to make it perfect. So you and your partner are sitting down, discussing and finalizing the wedding details, you will need to decide which processional song you will be walking down the aisle with. This song will let everyone know when it's time for you to enter and begin your ceremony. Here we compile a list of processional songs for you.

A List of Processional Songs for Wedding Party

Richard Wagner, Here Comes the bride (2009)

This is the traditional song played at most weddings. If you want a traditional one, it will be a great choice. You have probably been to weddings and this is what you hear when the bride walks down the aisle.

Lee Galloway, Pachelbel, Canon in D (2011)

This traditional piano music is on every brides list of processional songs. If you want the piano sounds, try this song. This is also a great song to play while you are waiting for guests to arrive.

Christina Perri, A Thousand Years (2011)

This is a modern wedding song. If you like a simple wedding song with a slow beat, then Christina will sing it for you. Let everyone know how much you are in love with A Thousand Years.

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2010)

This is a great song that has so much potential when it comes to a wedding song. Adding this song to your playlist will help your guests to relax and unwind.

Hue Bernard, Mendelssohn's Wedding March (2008)

Traditional wedding marches are still sought after over all songs because people relate those songs to weddings and these songs can create wonderful memories easier for everyone there. If you want to achieve that, this song is a good choice.

Vitamin String Quartet, Don't Stop Believing (2011)

This song is originally sung by Journey. In the version of Vitamin string quartet, when played with violins, this song is great as one of processional songs for wedding party. It's less in expense when you have the sound system play this song.

Stevie Wonder, Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (1970)

This song ever ranked number 1 for 6 weeks on the US R&B chart. The bright and vivacious tone will make everyone feel happy. "I'm yours" perhaps is the most important thing you're eager to tell your partner.

Bright Eyes, First Day of My Life (2005)

This song is becoming more popular in weddings. Your life is beginning now together as a couple. You will think about this moment twenty years late when you turn on the radio and hear this song.

Heavy D & the Boy's, Now That We Found Love (1991)

This song is going to have everyone snapping fingers and clapping their hands. Your wedding will be full of happiness and fun with it.

One Man Orchestra, A Les Miserables Medley (2013)

The emotional and powerful melody will make everyone keep eyes on you two, the happiest couple in the world today.

Taylor Swift, Begin Again (2013)

Taylor Swift has many good songs for weddings. Her voice creates a fairy tale feeling and for a moment, you may believe that you are a princess, too.

Christophe Beck, Paperman (2013)

This is a sweet song that is simple and can bring guests down to talk and mingle.

The Honey Trees, Moon River (2011)

This is an old but good remade to sound modern. The first version went back two or three generations before and this version makes more people today love to hear them. Add this song to your list of processional songs for wedding party.

The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun (1969)

This is a happy oldie that is comforting to hear. The Beatles have a wonderful way of bring the music to every event. You can use this one as a surprised choice for wedding if you are a fun of them.

Cat Stevens, Wind (1971)

This song will have the older generation thinking about their wedding day. It is simple but extraordinary.

Sara Bareilles, I Choose you (2014)

Sara Bareilles has created many upbeat songs that everyone will like to dance to. This song is upbeat and happy, making your guests ready to celebrate your new life.

Katrina & the Waves, Walking on Sunshine (2009)

Your special day will have you feel like walking on bright sunshine too, so why not add it to your playlist?

Ed Sheeran, Kiss Me (2011)

You want to have this song on your processional songs for wedding party. It talks all about love.