How to Make a Romantic Proposal Without a Ring


Though the traditional way of proposing includes opening up a fine gift box to reveal a massive diamond, not all proposals work that way. In fact, many people choose to forgo the ring in order to create a very different kind of memory. Or maybe it’s due to financial constraints, a woman proposing to a man, a desire to design rings that match or even the desire to let the woman design her own beautiful ring. Regardless of the reasons, proposing without a ring is not necessarily a bad thing – and when done right, it can be just as romantic as any other proposal.

How to Make a Romantic Proposal Without Rings


First and foremost: wait for the right time

Just because you don’t have a ring does not mean that the proposal should be done on the fly. Absolutely not! Most proposals should be very carefully planned and executed to give both people the best memories to last a lifetime. That means you absolutely must wait for the right time to propose. You should also wait till you are sure you are ready to marry him/her and the other half feels the same way.

Ready to do the deed? Here are a few ways to make sure that even though you intend to make a romantic proposal without a ring, the event is one of the most romantic of her life.


Go very simple

The classic pose of a man down on one knee, holding his beloved’s hand, is really the stuff that dreams are made of. You can give her that with or without a ring, so make a point of getting down on one knee and even cry if you feel like it! The key is that the moment must feel right!


Buy a costume jewelry ring

No, it’s not the real thing, but it sure looks like it. This gives your loved one a ring to wear while you both choose a permanent ring for her.

Note:get the right size

Measure her ring size by ‘borrowing’ a ring from her jewelry box. To be even more sneaky, trace the inside of the ring onto a piece of paper that you can then slip into your wallet and take to the store for comparison.


Use a memento

If you have something that demonstrates your love for each other, use that. It might be a ticket stub to the concert where you met, a map with the subway station marked with a heart, or anything else that means something to both of you.

Go somewhere special

The setting should be drop-dead gorgeous, such as a peaceful meadow or in front of the city lights at night. It should be a place that matters; like where you first met.


Use the ring box

No, there’s nothing in it. But it is symbolic of the fact that one day soon, there will be. Remember, the intention matters, as does the sentiment.

Then maybe tell her to pick out her ring

She might be confused at first that there is no ring, but that’s when you smile and tell her that you want it to be perfect, so tomorrow you will both go to the store and let her pick whatever her heart desires.


Give her flowers

Though it’s a simple gesture, it holds a great deal of meaning when a woman gets the red rose of passion. Give her a rose or two or more as you get down on one knee.


Create a poem/song/letter

Use your words to propose in a way that will move her to happy tears. The poem or song becomes the proposal gift that she will cherish forever.

How do you make a romantic proposal without a ring? Tell her what she means to you in a well-thought letter that will eventually lead to asking her to marry you. Make sure to put a date on it, as that will solidify that even in her mind and heart.


Propose at a wedding

What better time to give her a glimpse into your future life together? Proposing at a wedding (with permission of the bride and groom, of course) can set you up for a gorgeous proposal she will never forget. Here’s one true story:


Keep things a secret

Sometimes, a secret engagement is the way to go. Propose to her quietly and promise to keep it between the two of you as a special moment – that is until you get the ring and you both tell the whole world!

Tips and Advice for the Proposal Process: Focus on Your Love

It is very important to remember that the ring is simply a symbol of your love, not something that your love depends upon. This means that the proposal without a ring can be extremely significant as the start of your lives together. Keep in mind that if your loved one is upset about not having a ring, that might signify that it’s time to take a step back and rethink the marriage possibilities.

When you do propose, remember not to explain immediately why there is no ring. That will come later. Right now, you need to focus on the fact that love is in the air, you are starting your new lives together, and this is one of the happiest moments of your lives! Later, when the emotion has calmed down, you can explain why the ring was not there. However, most people who make a romantic proposal without a ring are in a relationship that is close enough that she understands why things are this way.

Finally, remember that the engagement doesn’t have to have a ring to be real. Though it is nice to seal the deal with something beautiful and traditional, it is certainly not a requirement. A good relationship will have the respect and love you deserve, whether there is a ring to wear or not.