The Everlasting Love Between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip


All of us have been dreaming about fairy tale weddings since we would with our dolls. Today, we’ll recount a real-life royal romance. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have a story that has spanned so many years and so many trials. They are living proof that love stands through everything. Sit back and relax as we travel through time and go through their loving history, completed with pictures.

The Everlasting Love Between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

First Met

The pair are actually third cousins! Before you can squirm, just remember that the blood relation is neither here nor there at this degree! They met when she was 13 and he was 18. They found each other quite charming, and so love soon blossomed between the two.

Exchanging Letters

Writing letters is definitely a lot more romantic than today’s texting! At their tender age, innocent letters soon came flying through their doors into each other’s arms. This courtship wasn’t all smiles, though – her family was known to disapprove of Philip, despite him being of more royal blood than her!

Secret Proposal

Their youthful courtship was destined to become something more serious. Likely enough, Philip brings up marriage to Elizabeth, and the latter enthusiastically accepts.

The Engagement

At first, the King and Queen pulled out all efforts for Elizabeth to reconsider the marriage. Trips and other men could not distract her Majesty, and thus her parents gave the couple their blessing. They announced the engagement on July 10, 1947.

The Wedding

This was the original “Royal Wedding,” the stuff of little girl’s daydreams! She was 21 and he was 26. She donned a Norman Hartwell creation with thousands of pearls, and the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara. The royal wedding and entourage were as bright and beautiful as their love.

First Kid

After their honeymoon in Malta, where Philip served as part of the Royal Navy, a bundle of joy soon came. The birth of the charming Prince Charles was in 1948 – a happy occasion for the couple, indeed! He was christened in Buckingham palace; in the way all royal babies have been born into the world.


Soon, they had a new baby, Princess Anne. Parenting was becoming a fun new aspect in the young couple’s life!

Elizabeth Became Queen

Elizabeth’s father, the King, had died in a trip to Kenya in 1952. The young princess soon rose to the throne and crowned in his place. This was when they officially came to be known as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip!

Family Life

The picture-perfect family of four loved to spend time in the outdoors. Afternoons were all about picnics and polo. They had pets as well – Elizabeth is known for her love of corgis, a breed of dog.

Growing Family

Charles and Anne soon met the next prince. The cute baby Prince Andrew was welcomed to the family.

The Whole Family

The Windsor Castle is now a full house with the addition of Prince Edward! It’s a wonderful assortment of ages and makes the family life more fulfilling.

The Transition

The mission of decolonizing areas under the British Empire was the priority of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the 1970’s. It’s definitely an important process long due, and life was busy and hectic for the royal couple. They stand strong in the face of such an enormous task.

Get Grand Children

Born of the Princess Diana through her marriage to Prince Charles, two baby boys grace Buckingham Palace: Prince William and Prince Harry. They are soon to become 90s heartthrobs as well!

Going Through Horrible Years

Difficulties wracked through England in the form of a recession, and through the House of Windsor, in the form children suddenly having failed marriages. Through the affairs of the state and their family, they hold on to each other.

The Royal Duty

The royal couple, representatives of the country of England, jet set around the world and meet other world leaders. They have traveled so much together through the whole world. Even if it is for business, it must have been nice for their marriage as well.

Grow Old Together

This 2016, they are celebrating their 69th anniversary of marriage. It’s been a long and winding road, but at their ripe old age, they are still standing together. They continue to serve one another, and together, have a happy and fruitful life. They are Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, together forever in our history books.