Questions to Ask a Band


You have the perfect venue, delicious food and beautiful décor, but one other key element on your wedding day will be the music! The music at your wedding will set the mood, get the celebrations underway and fill the dance floor. Finding the right DJ or band for your wedding should be chosen wisely. You want one that fits your musical preference and one that will keep your guest dancing and happen, then here are some important questions you should ask a band.

20 Questions to Ask a Band for Your Wedding


Do you have upcoming weddings or events?

This should always be the first question to ask a band for your wedding. 

You Want to Know: You want to be able to hear how the band sounds and what type of music they will play and the best way to do this is to see them in action live.


How often do you perform at weddings?

You Want to Know: This will give you a good idea of how much experience the band has. If they have regular bookings, it is a good sign that they are professional and experienced enough to hire. This is also a good way to ask for references from previous couples they have worked with.


What is your specialty?

You Want to Know: Knowing what type of music the band specializes in will help you make a quick decision as to whether to hire them or not. The band may be an awesome 80's tribute band, but if you are looking for something more jazz or traditional, this would not be the band you will want to choose for your wedding.


Can we see a copy of your liability insurance?

You Want to Know: Insurance helps protect you and the venue for any damage or injuries that might happen. With all the equipment, cords and instruments, accidents can easily occur and you want to make sure you will not be held liable for them, so this is one of key questions to ask a band you should remember.


Who are your backups in case someone gets sick?

You Want to Know: You will end up booking your band or DJ months and even a year ahead of time and members of the band can easily become ill in that timeframe. You want to be assured that all members of the band have a reliable and equally experienced replacement for just in case.


How have you dealt with equipment failure in the past?

You Want to Know: This is one question to ask a band to give you reassurance that the band is prepared for the many things that can go wrong. Each band should have a backup plan that ranges from a backup mode of transportation to equipment failures like a blown amp or forgotten equipment like a microphone.


Do you do more than one wedding a day?

You Want to Know: Some bands will do multiple weddings in one day and this could risk one's performance. Most bands will properly time the weddings or will have another individual set up or take down equipment for one wedding or the other. Ask if they have another wedding, how they properly plan for these run over weddings and what their overtime fees are.


Are you familiar with our venue?

You Want to Know: All professional bands will personally visit a venue to ensure that they bring the right equipment and that acoustics can be properly maintained. If the band is not familiar with your venue, they should immediately make sure when they can take a look around and talk with you if there are any issues with the space and their equipment needs.


Are you willing to take our special request?

You Want to Know: Most bands are willing to work with couples for the important song choices such as the first dance, parent dances and so on. Questions to ask a band should include how willing they are to learn and play these important songs on your wedding day.


How many individuals are in your band?

You Want to Know: If you are trying to cut back on some of your costs, it might be wise to see if they can cut back on some of the band members. Also ask if the band works with a DJ. Bands can typically perform strictly live music while others will also play with recorded music and this can help reduce your band budget cost.


Does someone act as the master of ceremonies?

You Want to Know: Most often, the bandleader can step in as the master of ceremonies, but this is not something all bands just do. Some will charge an additional fee, so this is one question you want to ask and need to work around if the additional fee is too much for your budget.


Do you set up lights as well?

You Want to Know: Most bands can bring simple lights to help them perform while others may have elaborate lighting schemes with different colors and flashes, which really need you to throw off the décor in the reception hall.


How long will the set up take?

You Want to Know: Generally, the band will be at the venue 1 to 2 hours early to set up and sound check. You want to make sure the band allows themselves more than enough time so that when your guests start to arrive, they are ready to perform.


Who will do the setting up?

You Want to Know: This is one of the important questions to ask a band because you need to give a name to the venue director ahead of time, so they can arrange a time for both for your perfect wedding.


What equipment or instruments would we have to rent?

You Want to Know: Although most bands will have all of their own equipment, for special requests, especially in song choices, you may need to rent some equipment for them. You may also want to think about providing them a stage or helping hide unsightly cords and equipment. If you have a large hall, some extra speakers might be a good idea as well.


What are the terms of your cancellation policy?

You Want to Know: With weddings, anything can happen, from changes to the date to changes in the song choices. But these often come with some additional fees. Discuss with your band what the cancellation policy is for them and know exactly when you need to let them know of any changes.


How many hours and breaks are included?

You Want to Know: Breaks are a requirement for any band you hire and typically they will be every 45 minutes. Questions to ask a band should include arrangements made for these breaks. Make sure to plan your dinner at the same time as their breaks and include them in the head count to let them eat as well.


Are we able to borrow your PA if you provide one?

You Want to Know: Every wedding will have people giving speeches. Whether it is the happy couple thanking the quests or the infamous maid of honor/best man speeches, you need to make sure all your guest can hear what is being said. Many bands will have a PA (public address) system and it is courteous to ask ahead of time if your guest can use them for speeches.


How do keep the energy up?

You Want to Know: Your wedding day is going to be a long day not just for you but your guests as well, on top of that you will probably have a number of individuals who know very few people. When the energy starts to drop off or there is a reluctance of your guests stepping on the dance floor, you want to have some help from the band to keep the celebration going on, or starting.


Are you flexible with set times?

You Want to Know: You may have an itinerary about when certain dances will be taking place, times on entrances and so on, but most often, these things never go well according to the plan. So as one of the most important questions to ask a band, know how accommodating they are if a special guest may need to leave early or with other conditions.