15 Most Important Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Making a Decision


The photographer is there to capture each special moment of the wedding day, while the videographer is there to capture the whole event from beginning to end so that you have something to watch years from now. So you know you must choose videographer carefully. Below are the 15 most important questions to ask videographer to help you find out if he or she is the right fit for you.

15 Most Important Questions to Ask a Videographer Before You Make a Decision


How Long Have You Been a Wedding Videographer?

You want to know how experienced he/she is since you definitely want to get the perfect video of your wedding day. Ensuring they are experienced will give you the wedding video you can cherish for a lifetime.


What Is Your Video Style?

You want to know which style will they be filming in and whether it is your style. There are two styles: cinematic and documentary. If you are looking for something more directed, then you will want to go with a more cinematic approach. If you want something more organic, then a documentary style is more your speed. (You can watch the video below to understand their differences.)


Have You Worked With Our Photographer Before?

You want to know that your videographer and photographer can work well together. They will need to work closely on the big day. Make sure if they haven’t met before, they have time to do so before the wedding to make sure they will get along on the day.


What Will You Be Filming?

You want to know that all of the important moments are being filmed. If you want other things like your wedding photos or your meeting and greeting with guests, this is one of the big questions to ask videographer to see if he is acceptable about that.


How Much Input Do We Have?

You want to know how much control the videographer wants to have. Most videographers have a particular vision for each wedding. If you want a certain song in the video but your videographer doesn't, then you're going to have some issues. Make sure that you are comfortable with what they want to make decisions on.


Do You Have Any Samples?

You want to know what their work looks like. It’s very important that you agree with your videographer on what your video will look like. If their style is at complete odds with what you want, you may want to look for a different videographer.


What Equipment Do You Use?

You want to know this in advance so that there are no surprises on the wedding day. It’s also good to find out what kind of audio equipment they will be using. Will they use a microphone or will their camera be recording the audio alone? If they are using a mic, will it be a clip on or handheld?


Will There Be a Second Shooter?

You want to know how much coverage you will have at your wedding. A second shooter allows for more footage to be captured. If you are very concerned about getting all of those little moments on film, then you may want to choose a videographer who plans on using a second shooter to cover the event. This is also one of questions to ask videographer that is often missed.


How Will You Be Handling Music?

You want to know what the tone of your video will be. Asking your videographer what music they plan on using, suggesting music that you love, and making sure they don’t use music that you hate are all ways to ensure that your video is perfect.


Have You Shot at My Wedding Venue?

You want to know that your videographer knows how to handle the location. It’s definitely not a deal breaker if they haven’t, but it is a huge plus if they have shot at your location before. It means they already know how to handle the lighting and audio so that there are no slip ups on the day of your wedding.


Do You Have Other Weddings Scheduled on That Day?

You want to know that your videographer has enough time to shoot for your wedding. Bigger companies will often book several weddings in a weekend. Make sure that your videographer has enough time to shoot your whole wedding and really take their time with it. You don’t want a slap dash job done for such an important video.


What Is Your Editing Process?

You want to know that your video will be as high quality as possible. Some videographers will use in-camera editing to save on costs, but this can lead to a lower quality video. Videos should be edited professionally after they have been shot for a higher quality video.


Who Will Be There on the Day?

You want to know that you’re getting exactly what you expect. If your videographer has colleagues, make sure you know exactly who will be there on the day filming your wedding. You could look at one person’s work and love it, but if they’re not the videographer on that day, it could be a completely different style. So this is one of the more important questions to ask videographer beforehand.


What Kind of Packages Do You Offer?

You want to know what they expect to be included for the amount that you’re paying. The length of your video will make all the difference here. If you’re trying to save on costs, see if you can get the raw footage and have it edited later.


When Can I Expect My Video?

You want to know how long after the wedding you will be able to see the finished video. There is a wide range of time from 8 weeks up to a year to fully edit a wedding video. Find out what you’re looking at before you decide on a videographer since you definitely want to get your video quickly.