10 Useful Questions to Ask Wedding Officiant


The officiant is a critical part of your wedding. The one you choose will shape your wedding ceremony and help you prepare for your new life together. Getting to know the officiant will help you to have a better idea of what to expect and will help keep any anxiety at bay. Below are some questions to ask your officiant before the wedding.

10 Questions to Ask Wedding Officiant


Can we have the ceremony we want?

The first question to ask should help to make sure if you can have the wedding you’re looking for. Can you write your own vows? Will they perform the type of religious ceremony you want? Can they suggest music and readings? These are all really important to you, so ask about them right away.


What kind of experience do you have?

How many wedding they have performed, especially the kind you want. It’s acceptable to ask for comments from previous customers. Five is a good number to ask for if you don’t want to talk to all of them.


How flexible are you?

You need to know if the officiant will be able to make it to your venue. Along with that you should make sure they have a plan in case they are unable to make it. You don’t want anything to ruin your big day, so this is one of the most important questions to ask wedding officiant before the wedding.


What are your credentials?

You don’t want to find out years later that your wedding wasn’t legal because the officiant wasn’t properly ordained. Make sure that your officiant is licensed in your state. Find out which seminary they attended and check for them. You can also check the National Association of Wedding Officiants for free to see if your officiant is registered.


How often will you meet with us?

Do you want an officiant to consult with you or one that will just be there for the wedding day? Find out if they will be available to ask further questions. Some clergy will require couples counseling before a wedding, please also make sure that schedule works for you.


How much do you charge?

It’s vital to know what exactly you’re paying for, so this can't be missed on the list of questions to ask wedding officiant. Talk about types of payment as well as cancellation and refund policies. If your wedding is taking place elsewhere, ask about travel costs and accommodation cost. They’re also the one who usually fills out the wedding certificate and sends it in, so ask about that as well.


Will you be attending the reception?

Find out if your officiant is willing to join in your reception celebration, so you can have a meal and place for them in advance.


Do you have any restrictions on readings or music?

Make sure you know about any taboos that your officiant might have. It will be awkward if you pick a song or reading that makes them uncomfortable and it shows on their face. Although most officiants won’t let their feelings show on, both you and he will be happy if you choose these matters considering his and your preferences.


Who is your back up in the event you can’t attend?

Make sure you know not only that they have a backup, but who that back up is. You don’t want any issues on the wedding day because of the missing of an officiant. If possible, meet with the backups so that you are all on the same page.


What is the funniest or oddest moment in a wedding you celebrated?

While it may seem unnecessary, this is one of the most useful questions to ask wedding officiant. This will help you get to know what kind of officiant he is and how he will help to shape your wedding day. This also builds some intimacy between you and will make you more comfortable with each other.