20 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer


A picture-perfect wedding can only be done justice by an excellent photographer. Your intricate details and criteria for photos in your wedding album will be determined by the master picture taker. That means you must be sure about who you will hire, so you must prepare the right questions to ask wedding photographer. This person’s task is important and daunting, so you really want to make sure

20 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer


Have you shot weddings in my church/wedding venue/reception venue?

Find out if they have experiences in your chosen venue – you are likely to benefit from their successes and mistakes from their previous weddings and events!


Have you worked with celebrities/large weddings?

A lot can be told about the quality of the photographer through their reputation. Big-time weddings that involve the rich and famous would only get the best services, so knowing their reputation in the photography world will be a good idea.


How long have you been the wedding photography business

Experience is everything when it comes to photography. You might be the best at understanding technicalities of camera operation, but it’s really all about creativity and heart that can only be learned over the years.


Will you be available on my wedding day?

This one has to be one of the most important questions to ask wedding photographer. It is the only definitive deal-breaker.


Can we see your wedding photography portfolio?

Questions to ask your wedding photographer usually has to do with their personality and business style – if you want to cut to the chase, ask for evidence of their skill and talent!


What equipment do you use for wedding photography?

While having the latest and greatest equipment for photography is good, what you are looking for is a photographer who knows their equipment by heart. You want them to be very familiar with the cameras and other paraphernalia they use – their expertise and enthusiasm should be obvious.


Can you describe your photography style?

It’s interesting to hear how a photographer would describe their own style versus asking others. You will be able to hear the vision they have set out for their wedding photo engagements straight from the horse’s mouth, so collaboration about your own hopes for the shoot will be easier to put together.


How big is your usual staff and set-up?

Of course, you will want to know how many people will enter your hotel room, wedding ceremony, and reception area with the equipment and their logistical needs.


Do you shoot with film and/or digital?

Today, shooting in either media is a preference, but photographers can be versatile according to your needs. If you don’t know the difference, the best questions to ask wedding photographer are those photography subjects you don’t understand. This so you can see how they would explain to you so that you can understand what they experience in wedding photography, and lets them become straightforward with their opinions on your ideas.


Can you do color/black and white shots?

You don’t just switch around the colors on a photo and call it black and white photography. It is a sophisticated art that requires studying lights and shadows. If you love the drama of black and white shots, then you should inquire if they are open to this kind of photography.


Do you have any wedding photography packages?

This questions aims to net you savings. Many photographers running their business know that wedding photographers are in demand and make packages that are high in value, specialized in weddings. Browse through their selection of packages to customize and be charged the fair amount.


Who pays for your travel and mobilization fee for a destination wedding?

If your wedding is far from their area, they will need funds for their logistics. Ask if they can cover it, or if you have to do that yourself.


Can I review your contract?

Experienced photographers know how delicate these arrangements can be and probably have worked through a sample contract that they are comfortable to work with. Be sure to read it just as thoroughly.


Can I know if you have liability insurance?

This is important to note when the work that they come up with is below your expectations. You can be protected by knowing about this particular kind of insurance.


Are there any fees that I should be aware when asking for extra shots?

Sometimes packages don’t cover everything that you might need or want. Questions to ask wedding photographer on money can be a bit intimidating, but don’t be afraid to ask so you don’t get surprised when the invoice comes in!


How and when will I receive the soft and hard copies of your photos?

Find out their usual schedule of delivering the photos that they take – we know you are itching to post on Facebook or let you distant relatives see your wedding photo album!


When will I be able to book you?

Once you pencil in a date, you want to know when it can be definitely confirmed. You might even have to pay a deposit for your reservation. Ask about their cancellation policy just in case.


What are your payment terms?

For the financially challenged, this could be an important question to ask wedding photographer. These engagements potentially cost a lot, so your payment schedule should be noted when you book a photographer.


Do you have an overtime fee?

Your wedding and reception schedule will surely not be followed to the T, so be cautious and inquire about their overtime rules. This is to protect you from surprise expenses, so you can budget accurately.


Do you have any other concerns for my wedding?

At the end of the day, you and your soon-to-be spouse are the ones at the wedding who can only hope that the photographer is documenting the best moments. Listen to the specifications of your photographer and share your expectations as well. Communication is the key for your wedding to be immortalized in beautiful, stylish, and memorable photographs. This is one of the can’t-miss questions to ask wedding photographer