20 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Venue


Congratulations! Finally, you are getting married to your sweetheart and have begun planning your wedding day celebrations! When it comes down to planning your dream wedding, the most important decision is where to hold your wedding, of course after deciding your wedding attire.

There are innumerable things that need to be considered to ensure that you pick only the best wedding venue. The two most important questions to ask wedding venue are:

1. Is your preferred date free? If not what other dates are available in your preferred month?

2. Is there enough seated capacity to accommodate your guests?

Apart from these basic questions there are a lot of other issues that you need to iron out with your preferred venue. Here is the list of 20 most important questions to ask your wedding venue:

20 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Venue


Is there in-house coordinator?

An in-house coordinator is the man behind the curtain and is responsible for the success of the event. Be sure that there will be a facility director present throughout the event as he will be your go-to-person, in case anything goes awry.


How many weddings will be booked for the same day?

In case the venue is huge and they take multiple bookings, make sure that you get the time you have been allotted and paying for. It will be disappointing to reach the venue only to find out that cleaning or decoration still in process.


Is there service charge on the bill? If yes, how much?

In most cases there is a service charge of 20% on the food and beverages bill. Ask your contact at the wedding venue about the tipping policy. This is really important to avoid surprises at the last minute.


What time do guests have to leave the venue?

Before you finalize the venue don’t forget to enquire what time do the guests need to leave the venue. This is important because certain venues charge you as much as $500 per hour for overstaying. And you will surely not like to touch your honeymoon budget for this.


Is there any restriction on type of alcohol and flames?

There are several venues where there is a restriction about the type of alcohol that can be served. In most cases Red Wine is not an option, because of the serious staining issues. Also, ask if you can use candles for table or venue decoration as most venues don’t allow flames, to protect the storied art or for safety purposes.


Can I bring my own wine? If yes what the corkage fee is?

If you want to save some real bucks, one sure-shot way is to bring your own wine, if allowed. Don’t forget to enquire about the corkage fee. Though, the corkage fee varies across cities and venues, it varies between $8 to $20 a bottle. Even if you have to pay $20, in most cases it will prove to be cheaper than using the offered selection of wine sold at a triple markup at the wedding venues.


Can I choose caterers and decorators of my choice?

Some venues offer their in house caterer and decorator and thus restrict your choice. This is one of the most important questions to ask wedding venue in advance to avoid disappointments. If possible ask for a tasting session to be sure of their quality.


Is there ample parking space?

Ensure that there is ample parking space for your guests. At times you need to pay extra price for using the valet services, you’ll possibly be paying and tipping the attendants about $40 to $60.


Are there any restrictions for the photographer?

If you have big plans for your wedding album, ask whether photography is allowed or not at the venue. There have been unfortunate times when couples forgot to ask this and weren’t allowed to flash lights during the reception. Surely, this would have been a heart-breaking experience.


Where will the band set up or where will be the dance floor?

Imagine a wedding without a band or dance floor! Nah! Therefore, before booking the venue, ask them if there is place for band set up or dance floor. If yes, how big is it and do they need to move something around to access the dance floor?


Is a bridal suite included in the price?

Imagine getting into a car in your wedding dress to reach the venue! Doesn’t sound comfortable? Thus, don’t forget to ask if the bridal suite is included in the package.


What accommodation is offered by the venue?

Ask what accommodation options are offered at the venue. Also ask if you will be offered any discount for the wedding guests if you book the same venue.


Is the venue child friendly?

If you really want your friend and guests with kids to enjoy, ask if the venue is child-friendly. What options are present for children entertainment?


What is the payment schedule?

Before booking the place, you need to know answers to theses questions to ask wedding venue:

  • What is the payment schedule?

  • Is deposit required?

  • Whether there are any special off-season discounts?


Do they provide microphones and can you hook you iPod?

Surely your bestie or dad wants to share their feelings and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity either! So, ask whether they have a microphone or not. Also, they might have planned something special for you. So, ask whether it is possible to hook your iPod to their sound system.


Do they offer signage to direct the guests to the wedding?

Imagine your guests complaining about no signage to direct them to the wedding. Awful! And you will not want people to miss your special day. So, ask if the venue will put signage to direct the guests to the wedding venue or room.


Do I need to buy insurance?

Although we hope everything goes as per the plan, you must stay prepared and have a little peace of mind. In case the venue doesn’t have insurance, you must buy the insurance for the duration that you will be using it.


Who will be responsible to set and tear down the decorations?

Before you sign the contract you need to ask who will be responsible for set and tear down the decorations. This is imperative to know beforehand to avoid last minute hassle and tiff with the decorator.


What is the cancellation policy?

Before you actually sign the paper it is best to know more about the cancellation policy, it is one of the can’t-miss questions to ask wedding venue. God Forbid, this will save you from the hassles in case of some emergency.


Is the venue disabled or elderly friendly?

If your grandparents are also gracing the occasion, you need to ensure that the venue is elderly friendly. Ask if there are lifts or wheelchairs or other facilities to ensure convenience to them.