Most Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer


A caterer’s job is not only limited to preparing menus for your wedding. You may find it amusing that a caterer helps in coordinating everything according to wedding reception timeline; such as supplying tableware on rent, maintaining flow of dinner, stocking bar and making arrangements for your wedding cake! So the first thing is to focus on how to hire the best person in the market, for which you should know what questions to ask wedding caterer.

What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer?

Perfect dress! Eye catching décor! Lovely venue! But what about food? Not only the couple but the guests as well want yummy food with great and professional service. Accessing perfect caterers according to your needs is not that difficult with knowing what questions to ask them.

How many weddings have you catered before?

Serving in a restaurant and catering a wedding are two different things! Before hiring a caterer you must ask about their past experience. However, having caterers who are new in business is not a bad idea because they might provide you best services at a much lower price. But it’s better to look for someone who at least have a little bit experience as it is about your big day!


Are you going to cater other events as well on my wedding day?

It is not a good idea to hire a caterer who will be handling other events at the same time because there are chances of mismanagement and unintended accidents due to diverted attention.


Ask about credentials and reputation

  • Do you have valid catering license?

  • Do you have license for serving alcohol?

  • Could you please provide references from your previous clients?


What services will you be providing us?

You must ask your caterers about what other services they are providing besides food. For example, pouring wine, cake serving, table-side water availability and much more.


What is per person cost and what does it include?

You must ask per person cost in order to manage things within your budget. Some wedding caterers only include the cost of food and beverages in per person cost whereas others may include the cost of linens, staff services and other rentals as well. Ask caterers about it so you can choose wisely.


What is the servers-to-guests ratio?

The servers to guests ratio must be perfect in order to keep the services in flow. For example, plates should be cleared quickly from the tables, water should be poured to guests on each table, appetizer services must be provided to every single guest and much more.


Have you catered before at my venue?

One of the most important questions to ask your wedding caterer? You want someone who's experienced. If your caterer has provided services at your venue before then it is definitely a plus point as they are familiar about how to present food services at that place.


Are you going to bring fully prepared food at the venue?

Ask your caterer whether they are going to bring fully cooked food or half prepared food which will be later cooked at the venue just before serving. Depending upon what kind of food you are having you have to decide whether you want to go with on- site cooking service at a higher price or not.


Who will be handling everything on my wedding day?

It is important to know about who will be handling all the catering services on the main event. You should meet them in person before the wedding, to make sure that everything goes as per the expectations.


Do you provide rentals too? How much do you charge?

In case your venue isn’t providing you rentals such as table wares, linens, barware and other things then you should ask your wedding caterers if they provide such services and what will they charge for it?


Can we visit your kitchen?

To make sure that food being served on your wedding will be of good quality and prepared under hygienic conditions, you should pay a visit to the caterer’s kitchen.


What will you suggest?

Caterers have experience of planning menus and serving them in different kinds of weddings at different venues. They can provide better options with their past experiences. So if you have any confusion regarding choice of menu or anything else, you should take suggestion from your caterers.


Are there any kids’ meal deal?

If there are going to be lot of children at your wedding then consider asking caterers if they have any kids deal as this will save some extra money.


Do you provide sampling of menu?

Tasting food samples will help you a lot in finding out whether your decision is right or not. All good caterers provide sampling of food prior to the event.


Can we have a look at your standard contract?

A good caterer will always do a contact based work. Make sure all dealing is written down, you never know what can go wrong!


Are there any extra charges?

You must ask your wedding caterers if they are going to charge extra penny for services like set up/clean up, over timing, tips for staff and much more.


Do you provide alcohol? What brands? Can I buy my own?

Some caterers have policy that customers have to buy alcohol from them while some just provide corkage services. If they do, ask what brands of alcohol you can provide? How long will alcohol be served?

Some More Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

  • Will you provide bartenders?

  • What will you and your staff going to wear?

  • Is wine going to be served with dinner?

  • Champagne toast will be part of your meal package or not?

  • Do you deal with wedding cakes?

  • Is there any specific cuisine in which you have specialized?

  • Can you provide a customized menu?

  • Can you handle last moment requests?

  • What are the sources of your ingredients?

  • Do you provide tea or coffee services?

  • Do you have any special packages for wedding?

  • Do you have live barbeque service?

  • Are there any package upgrades like chocolate fountains?

  • Do you offer buffet services?

  • Do you deal with guests having dietary restrictions? Such as vegan, kosher, gluten-free?

  • Can you place the wedding place cards and menus that we have created? (If not, you should enlist the help of your guests)

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