Rachel Bilson And Her Husband


Its funny how with celebrities, you never know who will wind up with who and how. Sometimes its baffling how two stars that, judging by the roles they’ve played, don’t have much in common. Personally, I never would have imagined Summer Roberts from The O.C in cahoots with the pre-dark side Darth Vader with some serious self-esteem issues from Star Wars. But hey, they make it work. So let us take a look at Rachel Bilson and her husband throughout the years.

Rachel Bilson And Her Husband

Rachel Bilson and her husband met on the set of the film Jumper in 2007, he played an omnipresent thief and she his childhood sweetheart. It was love at first jump! I guess acting to be someone’s significant other is not always just business, as it seems, and we have these two to thank for giving us hope that more co-stars will finally wake up and see they were meant to be together all along too! I’m looking at you, Ron and Hermione.

That’s just some action packed adorableness right there. There’s just something about human faces that light up when we are in love; eyes are brighter, smiles are wider and there is this indescribable vibe that emanates from us.

I mean seriously, look at those faces! The two have dated on and off since then with some twists and turns along the way, but it’s clear they are crazy for each other ever since they first met.

Rachel Bilson and her husband got engaged in 2008 after a year of dating, which seems like a fast move but taking in to consideration that they haven’t gotten married as of yet makes this relationship a slow burner, which is actually awesome; the fact that they don’t need a piece of paper to validate their love for one another and are completely comfortable with each other without pressure is something very difficult to come by nowadays.

Unfortunately, they did hit a bump in the road for a while there. The couple broke off their engagement in mid-2010 due to distance related issues. She was stationed in LA, he was working in Canada and as Rachel should know from How I Met Your Mother, long distance never works out. Except that it does; they promptly got back together a few months later and all was well!

The two continued on happily since then, at least publicly speaking and have nothing but great things to say of each other. They also seem to enjoy awesome getaways to the beach to relax and chill because who wouldn’t?

See? Just adorable. They may not be married but they’ve already got the look going for them and are rocking it, to boot!

Rachel Bilson and her husband announced in 2014 that the two stars are expecting a baby! Rachel has been open about her commitment as a girlfriend and how that is a priority in her life these days. She had also expressed that she had family on her mind and would love to have kids in the future someday. It’s great to see she is getting her wish from way back when! Later that year their baby Briar Rose was born with an awesome name from her Disney loving parents.

Fast-forward to 2015 when Rachel posted this adorable first time picture of her baby girl, Briar Rose. Sitting on her father’s lap while he blows bubbles, the actress gives us a glimpse at the serene and peaceful setting that is her home. Contrary to what his Darth Vader alter-ego would have you believe, Christensen looks like he is an exceptional father and enjoys every bit of time he has with his two girls, even he says so himself!

They just look so in love, do they not? This picture is also from 2015 and is the very first picture with the couple kissing, not even a poorly taken paparazzi shot got in from all their years together, which is downright fabulous if you ask me; they let the world know what they want and on their terms. What’s great is that the 30+ year old stars look like complete teenagers in this shot and they own it. Happiness and jealousy are fighting for top here.

In the end I think they know and we know that they have a great thing going. Every couple has their ups and downs, but when you find that balanced sweet spot, everything just works out. While we’re all anxiously waiting for them to actually marry and hopefully get to see all the neat details of the ceremony (because let’s face it: Rachel has got style!), I think it’s safe to say we’re all happy they don’t feel pressured to do so. Congrats to the happy parents!