33 Best Ideas for Rainbow Wedding Decorations


A rainbow wedding theme is getting quite trendy these days. There was a time when a rainbow theme was confined to LGBT weddings (rainbow is the symbol of pride, community and solidarity for them). Trends are changed now. Pulling off a playfully artistic and elegant rainbow wedding decorations is quite a tricky task. You have to maintain the difference between a stylish and a cheesy decoration.

Rainbow Wedding Decorations

The decorations should be chic, crafty and easy on eyes. You can opt for bolder hues of rainbow as well as the pastel ones. Avoiding tie and dye is highly recommended.

Wedding Invitations

You can start it all the way from the wedding invites. Though a wedding invite is not a part of wedding décor, but designing all the invitations in rainbow hues, would be an awesome idea.


Wedding Signs

Welcome your guests with the colorfully eye-catching signs. Each wedding sign can be given a different look, using the same variety of colors, bold or pastels, whatever your theme is.


Table Escort Cards

Seating plans and escort cards can be decorated in dramatic multi-color. If that’s not what you like, decorate the board itself in various rainbow colors with comparatively simpler cards.


Wedding Favors

You can opt for various colorful edible items like candies, skittles, cotton candies and many DIY items for wedding favors. If not, you can give a nice rainbow hued packing to whatever favors you like.


Ribbons for Decor

Colorful ribbons can be used in many ways. In backdrops, in the bouquets, chair décor, in hanging centerpieces, ceiling décor, headbands, ribbon-made floral hair clips for bridal party and in a ribbon boutonniere for groomsmen and so on.


Bride's Dress

A bride can also play her part in the rainbow wedding decorations. Many non-traditional brides may dare to give their bridal dresses a few touches of colors. If not, try a rainbow-like colorful bouquet with ivory dress.


Rainbow-inspired Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids can try dresses in neutral shades with accessories of different rainbow colors like bouquet, shoes, makeup, flower crowns or nail polish ,etc. Secondly, they can simply opt for simple multi- colored dresses.


Rainbow-Inspired Bouquets

A number of colorful flowers are available year round. Arrange them in a simple or cascading style with or without ribbons. It would perfectly compliment a bride, wearing an elegant bridal gown.


Flower Crowns

Romantically hued and artfully made flower crowns display the most dramatic looks. Not only the whole bridal party, but a bride would also look fabulous in one.



There is a bit that the groom himself can contribute to a rainbow wedding. He can wear colorful bowtie or a boutonniere.



Groomsmen have many areas to experiment with their looks. All wearing different rainbow color shirts, bowties, tie, boutonniere, socks, sneakers of different colors, multi-color suspenders, cufflinks etc.

Note: Do not apply the suggestions for groomsmen mentioned above, at the same time. It can give a weird look.



Bridesmaids can embellish their nails with various colors of rainbow. Simple and neutral shaded dress looks good with these colorful accents.



If it’s a destination wedding, utilizing colorful accessories like totes, sunglasses, umbrellas can create great visual effects.


Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes in rainbow colors are just a treat to eyes. There are so many ways and styles to present them. These can make some of the best rainbow wedding decorations.


Flowers for Decor

No wedding whether formal or casual is complete without flowers. For a rainbow wedding, using softly hued flowers in various floral arrangements like alter, corsages, chuppahs, can help in setting the tone of the event.


Colorful Tablescapes

Tablescapes and table runners give splendid look to the reception. Especially for daytime or outdoor events, rainbow theme gives the most outstanding results.


Rainbow-Inspired Table Centerpieces

For centerpieces, you can opt for rainbow-hued vases, mason jars and any other container. Or else, give your décor a more natural feel by utilizing the colorful hues of flowers in plain vases.


Colored Vases

Colored bottles, vases, mason jars and many other containers can make the best vases for decoration. Opt for some DIY method. You can color the glass bottles and mason jars yourself or filling simple glass vases with colored water with simple flowers.



To make it simple you can have various napkins, dyed in rainbow colors. But if you want to stick with the traditional white napkins, use some fiesta colors for napkin rings.


Mismatched Crockery

Mismatched yet colorful crockery and china can give your reception tables a playful look. Check out a few inspirations.


Decorated Chairs

Decorate your chairs with romantic hues of rainbow. Ribbons, drapes, organza bows or lace sashes are used to decorate them. Want something different, get your wedding chairs painted in various soft rainbow hues.


Ceiling Decoration

For indoor weddings, dramatic decoration of ceiling can give a nice finish to the whole event. Choose the colors according to the overall arrangement. Stuff like balloons, crape paper streamers, colorful paper cranes, pom poms, flowers and colorful buntings can be utilized.


Rainbow Bunting

Whether ceiling, photo booth backdrop, garden hanging centerpieces, buntings and pom pom bunting garland, is always trendy. Choose the colors in accordance with the rainbow wedding theme (dull or bright).


Rainbow Colored Balloon

Like flowers, balloons too are quite trendy yet affordable option for rainbow wedding decorations. Balloons can be used in hanging centerpieces, arches, backdrop, ceiling and in countless other ways.



Give your wedding a touch of carnival with splendidly colored food items. Several dishes made with colorful fruits and veggies can be tried. Try veggie spring rolls and rainbow fruit and veggie trays to brighten up your tables, along with other dishes.


Playfully Colered Desserts

Colorful rainbow funfetti cookies, macarons, cupcakes and many other yummy sweet dishes, can be made in rainbow shades. All you need is a perfect hand for it.



Choose the variety of flavors and colors of drinks to display on your wedding bar. Not only drinks but smoothies and shakes can be made in great rainbow shades.


Wedding Bar

Wedding cannot be celebrated without that first toast of wine. So a wedding bar is the hot favorite spot for adults. You can apply various ways to decorate this corner of the wedding too.


Candy Buffet Corner

That one corner must be the favorite one of the kids. Choose the candies of rainbow colors. These would create a really colorful impact as a whole. Decorate the stall with balloons or bunting. Kids would love it.


Photo Booth/ Backdrop

The wedding pictures are forever. A backdrop is the most photographed area of a wedding. Decorating elements like, bunting, ribbons balloons, pom pom, streamers, paper crane flowers can be used. To add a fun element, get some color props to wear.


Wedding Altar

Wedding altar is incomplete without flowers. Utilize fresh flowers or paper flowers with some DIY method. Both ways can bring the best results.


Flip Flops

Even Flip flops can be a part of your rainbow wedding decorations. These are the most essential accessories for destination weddings especially for beach weddings. Grab the ones in romantic rainbow hues.


Transportation Décor

Give your wedding transport a nice romantic touch by adding some soft hued decorative elements like flowers, ribbons, balloons and so on. A memorable way of bidding adieu!