20 R&B Processional Songs


Wedding processional or walking down the aisle, is an event that must be illuminated with harmonious music and romantic lyrics. All you need are some emotional songs, focusing around love and celebration. The soft and emotionally-rich music would surely compliment the slowly marching processional on the aisle and may also have the groom’s eyes in tears. For those R&B lovers, we have selected some of the most iconic R&B processional songs.

Best R&B Processional Songs!


Here and Now- Luther Vandross

A beautiful song with tender lyrics, describes a promise of loving each other faithfully for the rest of life. Love, in the song, is the sole reason why life is such a beautiful thing. Nothing in the world could take this love away.


Don’t Change- Musiq Soulchild

Time changes everything; humans experience both emotional and physical changes with time. People grow old, gain weight etc. But no such changes can alter the feelings of true love. As he says, ‘you will always be the most beautiful woman I know.’


Always and Forever- Heatwave

The song is a wholly unique venture that elaborates the feelings of being in love. The soulful song explains how a lover cherishes each and every moment spent with her. In return, all he wants from her is love and care for him.


Happy – Pharrell Williams

A simple song with a simple message to lead a stress-free life. The basic idea of Pharrell’s song is that all you need in life is love and happiness. Stay happy no matter how hard, the world tries to bring you down.


All of Me – John Legend

A song sung with passion, is one of the highly recommended R&B songs to walk down the aisle to. The moment a blushing bride walks down the aisle and gets an eye connection with her groom, this song in the background would live up the hype of the moment.


Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe – Barry White

As a famous quote suggests, excess of everything is bad, this song is negating this theory. The lover says that in spite of loving his lady-love more than anything, his love and craving for her is never over.


No One – Alicia Keys

The song is about the indifferent behavior of the girl to the world around her. The power of love has instilled a strength and sense of indifference in her. No one can change her feelings and come between the deep love they share.


All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo

The song features the emotions of gratefulness and contentment on finding someone he/she loves. And also wishes that the person he/she loves would also share the same feelings of love and togetherness.


Giving Myself- Jennifer Hudson

The harmonically-rich song describes the feelings of completion that true love can give. The singer is feeling free and flying like an airplane. Finding true love has made her beautiful. And she is thankful to him for giving her that feel.


1+1- Beyoncé

It’s a feel-good song. It suggests that two passionate lovers who love unconditionally are just enough to spend a contended life. Support of each other is all that one need (from the loved ones) to face the hardships.


Let’s Stay Together- Al Green

It’s one of the most emotionally-rich R&B songs to walk down the aisle to. The underlying idea of the song is quite like the ‘wedding vows’ a couple make on the altar like, to stand by each other in good and bad etc.


After All Is Said and Done- Beyoncé Knowles & Marc Nelson

The soundtrack has a melody that can seep into your brain. The beautiful song is about the defining moment when you realize that love is the reason of hope and inner strength.


Lovely Day- Bill Withers

Sometimes all you need to make it a lovely day, is the glimpse of the person you love. This is the dominating thought behind this track. No matter how low one feels, just a look on her face, and the world becomes best for him.


I Believe in You and Me- Four Tops

The lyrical soundtrack is about the faith and belief that one has in the person he/she loves. And love has the miraculous power of letting you free of all the worries. Even in the dramatically challenging situations, the true love remains the same.


If I Ain’t Got you- Alicia Kelly

It’s a cleverly written song that successfully differentiates between the superficial world with all the worldly desires; riches, diamonds, roses etc. and a pure love. For the lover, just to be with the person the one loves is what really matters.


So Damn Happy- Aretha Franklin

The song is about the playful and joyous feelings of the girl who is having fun, enjoying each and every moment and feeling blessed to have someone as special as her lover in her life. As the lyrics suggest: Yes, always with you Hey boy, I'm so damn happy’.


You Are so Beautiful- Babyface

The rhythmic soundtrack is all about the praises for the beauty of one’s lady-love. The lover is quite emotional and expresses his excitement and gratefulness throughout the song, for what he has achieved in the form of her love.


Suddenly- Billy Ocean

The song is a combination of soaring harmonies and meaningful lyrics. It focuses around the change and transformation that the lover feels after falling in love. It suggests how life changes suddenly, right after you fall in love with someone.


So Much in Love -All 4 One

The soulfully mesmerizing song is about a lover who wishes to walk down the aisle and exchange the wedding vows with his lady love. To him, after that special moment, they will be together till the end of their life.


Let's Get Married- Jagged Edge

The soothing soundtrack relates the love story of a couple that has been in a relationship since years. And now finally the boy pops up the question and requests her to wear a white bridal gown and join him at the altar.