20 Most Popular Red Bridesmaid Dresses


If you want to convey a mood of happiness, warmth and love on your wedding, then choosing red bridesmaid dresses is a great way to achieve this. We show you a comprehensive display that will flatter every silhouette and shape. 

20 Most Beautiful Red Bridesmaid Dresses


Short Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

This short red bridesmaid dress comes in a wonderful shade of Scarlet Red. It is short in style, making it ideal for the slim figure, while its full skirt is also flattering if your shape requires it. This particular shade of scarlet conveys warmth with its hint of fire in the tone of the color.

(Style 31032 by Mori Lee)


The Classic Long Bridesmaid Dress

The same scarlet color is shown here in a longer version of the former dress. If you want to have a more regal look for your bridesmaids,then this length is for you. The crossover under the bosom is particularly flattering and draws the eye to the waistline and the fitted bodice.

(Syle 671 by Mori Lee)


One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Off the shoulder dresses are always flattering, but one shoulder dresses display a sense of sophistication. In this model a double shoulder strap draws the eye to the neckline and flatters the wearer with an illusion of height. The fabric shirred at the waistline adds a touch of luxury to the overall look.

(Style 648 by  Mori Lee)


Halter Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Red bridesmaid dresses made in chiffon flatter your bridesmaid as she walks.This dress has a halter neckline that is classy, and this is enhanced with the beaded detail at the waist. It falls in full to the floor with a front slit which echoes the keyhole slit in the bodice.

(Sleeveless Key Hole Beaded Waist Jersey Dress From  David's Bridal)


Bridesmaids Dress in Ancient Greek Classic Style

A shirred waist and flowing fabric make this bridesmaid dress a classic. The style is timeless with a Greek style draped bodice and a modern day Hollywood look. The cap sleeves are flattering to the arms and the waistline fabric enhances the slim figure as it falls.

(Style 6697 from The Dressy Group)


Luxury Sheath Style Bridesmaid Dress With a Twist

This sheath style has a fuller tail to the dress that will give ease of movement. The shade of red is tending more to a Coral Red making it warm and flattering for many skin tones. The detail of flowers below the hipline and the luxurious fabric achieve a regal look.

(Style 514 by  Alfred Angelo)


Bridesmaid Dress With Back Straps

A full-length dress looks formal and sophisticated but the spaghetti style straps add fun to the look. Very often the bridesmaids are seen from the back so keep this in mind when choosing a style. This dress takes that view into account with its criss-crossed straps at the back.

(Comet's Tale Red Maxi Dress from  LuLu*s)


Romantic Lace Bridesmaid Dress

This classic lace dress has a very flattering below the knee length. It is classic in shape too with a sweetheart neckline hidden in the romantic lace. This creates a timeless look and choosing a deep Spanish Red shade for your bridesmaid’s dress adds richness to the style.

(Style 6738 from The Dressy Group)


Burgundy Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

Tulle is used in this most stylish and sophisticated dress. The Burgundy bridesmaid dress chosen here creates a classy look. The tulle is sheer and flattering to all shapes and sizes. The bows at the waist can be converted into straps, creating a versatile dress.

(Annabelle Dress from BHLDN)


V-neck Bridesmaids Dress

A chiffon Burgundy bridesmaid dress is the ultimate in flattering style. It is a color that flatters and enhances skin tone and is useful if you are having a Winter wedding. The sheer lace detail at the neckline and straps draw the eye to its richness also. A slim and elegant diamante belt at the waist completes the look of luxury.

(Fleur Dress from BHLDN)


Short Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress with Shoulder Straps

A  Burgundy color flatters and enhances the style of this dress. It helps draw the eye to the shoes if you are using very detailed ones. The satin fabric adds to the richness of the cut of the dress and will flatter your bridesmaid’s shape as does the boat shaped neckline.

(Style 31064 by Mori Lee)


Short Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress

Short Red bridesmaid dresses are fancy. It particularly flatters the wearer’s legs! Again, the shoes can take center stage for the look. A small waist is also a prerequisite for the wearer. The simple look is stylish and young.

(Style 7359S by Alfred Angelo)


High-low Bridesmaids Dress

This is an unusual style with a longer tail at the back than at the front and is sure to be eye-catching. It is a borderline hanker-chief style and conveys a casual yet elegant look. The spaghetti style straps enhance this. Using the Rose Red color flatters certain skin tones.

(Style 1372 from Allure Bridal)


Off the Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Off the shoulder straps in this bridesmaid dress are used to great effect. This is a very useful look if you want to flatter the arms. The sweetheart neckline adds romance as does the shade of Red used in the luxury chiffon. As the dress falls, the waistline is flattered with shirring.

(Style 2844 from weddingtonway.com)


Illusion Neck Bridesmaid Dress

An illusion neckline is a flattering look for almost everyone and enhances the shape of the bosom with a hidden sweetheart cut. Here the fabric used is luxury chiffon that falls gracefully from the waistline culminating in a full-skirted hem.

(Style 2933 by The Dressy Group)


Bridesmaid Dress With Long Sleeves

If you are having a winter wedding you might consider a dress with long sleeves for warmth and comfort. The belt detail that enhances the waistline and the neckline is flattering here. The Rose Red color also conveys warmth in this timeless dress that flatters all figures.

(Style 7325 by Alfred Angelo)


The Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress

This mermaid style red bridesmaid dresses are the ultimate in the movie star look! This Rose red dress conveys a sense of sophistication and style that is true Hollywood. The neckline here is also flattering and the strapless top completes the overall look of stardom.

(Sorella Wine Red Strapless Maxi Dress by LuLu*s)


The Short Sleeved Bridesmaid Dress

A Coral Red color adds fire and warmth to the dress. The style here is regal and classy. The use of lace in the bodice enhances this, as does the fullness of the chiffon fabric used and length of the gown.

(Style 124 by Mori Lee)


The Convertible Jersey Bridesmaid Dress

When there are more than one bridesmaid included, they may have different body shapes and the convertible dress can dress each of them appropriately. Jersey is a stretchy fabric that hugs the body, with the long jersey pieces you could easily create different stunning styles for your bridesmaid.

(Exclusive Tricks of the Trade Burgundy Maxi Dress by LuLu*S)


The Convertible Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

This convertible dress is created in the luxury fabric – chiffon, the ultimate summer fabric for bridesmaid dress. Coral Red is a great summer color and flatters all skin tones. The dress falls in luxurious folds in a full-length look would surely enhance your bridesmaids.

(Style 1432 from Allure Bridal)