Registry Cards for Wedding: Etiquettes to Follow


These days it is quite hard to remain up to date about wedding etiquettes, as the rules are continuously changing. These constant changes creates confusion in brides, grooms and the guests as well. Among various wedding etiquettes the hottest debate topic is whether registry cards for wedding should be sent along with wedding invitations. For some people giving away registry information to the guests is a rude gesture while some think that is it totally fine. Let’s have a look at what experts and others have to say about this.

Can I Insert Registry Cards with Wedding Invitation?

It is pretty obvious that when people are going to attend your wedding they will bring gift too. Many couples want to share their registry information with their guests but questions is how?

Many stores provide small “we are registered at” cards which can be inserted inside the invitation envelopes, but wedding etiquettes don’t allow these insertions. Registry cards with wedding invitations looks very rude and ill mannered, as if you are asking please bring gifts! It is fine to give your registry information to your family members and close friends and ask them to spread the word. Many guests directly ask the couple about where they are registered because knowing the registry makes it easier for them to choose gift. If people ask on their own then it is absolutely fine to inform them.

Registry cards for wedding can be inserted with bridal shower invitations, as it is a “gift giving” party and usually only those people who are close to the bride are invited therefore, it is totally okay to insert your registry cards along with bridal shower invitations.

If you still feel that you need to add your registry information on wedding invitations then you can mention links to your wedding website which will contain your complete registry information.

What Others Say?

“Do not put your registry cards for wedding with the invitations. It’s better to give it to your aunt, matron of honor or your friend who is arranging bridal shower for you. Another option is to mention your wedding website link on map directions or hotel info cards. You can also give link at the bottom of reception cards.”

Sandra, our bride from California added:

“Generally, MOH is responsible to pass on your registry information, but you can also make a wedding website having your registry information and add it to the enclosure cards.”

A bride from New York shared her thoughts:

“If your friends and family are okay with giving them wedding registry information, no matter in what way then go for it! Do according to your situation.”

Some other tips we got from different brides are:

“The most appropriate way is to let your friends and family spread the word.”

“Since I am having an online R.S.V.P therefore I added wedding website link in invitation cards and that website will include all necessary information, including registry.”

Where some people are against of inserting registry cards in wedding invitation, some find no problem in it. Here are some more views from our American brides:

"Most of my guests don’t have access to internet therefore I am inserting small registry cards along with invitation.”

“I have received tons of wedding invitations having registry cards tucked beneath and I don’t find anything rude about it.”

Wordings of Registry Cards for Wedding

Couples want their gifts according to their registry but question is how to tell? You don’t want to sound rude and you want to give message too. Telling what you actually need in a poem style is very popular these days. You can also use phrases or simply write down a sentence in polite way.

“For the ease of our dear family and friends, we have registered our wishlist at Macys. If you wish to honor us with a gift, you will find plenty of options that would help us build our new home.”

“On request of our family and friends, we would like to share our gift suggestion list from Target. You can access the list online under our name.”

When You Don't Need Gifts

“There is no need to bring us a gift, your presence is all what we need. However if you wish to give something, your contribution towards our honeymoon will be of much help.”

Another example, if a couple has to fly home after a destination wedding and travelling with too many gifts will be difficult then you can simply write down:

“A money gift will be much appreciated as we have to travel home after the ceremony.”