15 Wonderful Rehearsal Dinner Theme Ideas


Wedding rehearsal dinners can be much more interesting than a boring dinner they used to be. Instead of getting a hotel conference room or the back room of a restaurant, couples can bring more fun and personal style to their rehearsal dinners. Regardless of a number of rehearsal dinner ideas that your family and friends have talked about, it’s easy to make a rehearsal dinner a bit more interesting than the usual affair with some great and unique ideas below.

15 Great Rehearsal Dinner Ideas


Have a Cookout

BBQs are a relaxing alternative to the stuffiness of a formal dinner. Have all the cookout standards like burgers and hot dogs. If you’re looking to have something a little more upscale, do gourmet BBQ to dress it up a bit. You don’t even need to pay for a venue, just have it in the backyard or at the park. Don’t forget those citronella candles to keep the bugs away.


Cheese Please

Have a fondue party for your rehearsal dinner. This lets the guests interact a bit more while offering a buffet-style meal. You can start off with toast and different kinds of cheese. Then bring on the meat and potatoes with sauces or red wine. Then for dessert, serve up pots of chocolate or marshmallow to cover all kinds of goodies like fruit and cake. Make sure to have plenty of napkins and cleaning supplies handy as fondue can get a little messy.


Hit the Lanes

No one said your rehearsal dinner had to actually include dinner. If you need a good ice breaker, nothing brings people together like bowling and arcade games. You can set up a competition and award prizes at the end of the night. Beer and pizza are perfect for this informal night of fun.


Monte-Carlo Night

Host a night of classic casino games. Blackjack and roulette are great options. You can send invitations out on playing cards and decorate with poker chips. Because you won’t be sitting down much during this evening, it’s a good idea to have a dinner before so that everyone can know each other.


Pass the Butter

For thinking about rehearsal dinner ideas, what’s better than a clam or lobster bake? Create a fire pit on the beach if you want to go all out, or you can keep the beachy theme in the backyard or another venue and bring in already steamed clams and other foods. If you can, end the night around a fire pit with s’mores.


Watch a Game

Another great informal idea is to have an outing to a local football or baseball game. Head out early so you can have some tailgating fun before the game. You might even be able to get a shout out from the stadium for the happy couple. Try having a sit down dinner before if you want your guests to be able to get to know each other before the big game.


Wine or Beer Tasting

It’s like a regular sit down dinner, but with a little more fun added. Hire a wine or beer specialist to help you with the menu and to teach your guests how to perfectly pair their food and drinks. Choose six to eight different drinks to pair up with the menu, so your guests can really learn how to taste the differences.


Golf Course

You can have the event at a country club or golf course. Serve up cocktails while everyone practices at the driving range. Decorate with all kinds of golfing gear. If a real country club is too pricey for you, create a mini golf course in your backyard with many obstacles.


A Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

Want to get some great rehearsal dinner ideas? Then why not take your guests to the park and spread out some blankets. This is a super relaxed and fun way to spend the afternoon or evening. Try old-fashioned alternatives with salads, sandwiches, and lemonade. Get a really pretty picnic basket to serve all the goodies with a more traditional centerpiece.


Sweet Tooth

Host a dessert party with all kinds of sweet treats like pastries, chocolate, tarts, and even candy. This is a great idea for a later event as later in the evening is the perfect time for dessert. Make sure to give some non sweet options for your guests just in case.


Beach Bliss

Have a beach themed wedding or honeymoon planned? Then give guests a taste with a beach themed rehearsal dinner. Hammocks in the backyard and tropical drinks will really set the mood. Serve a buffet style dinner to let guests know and chat with each other.


Garden Party

A truly elegant rehearsal dinner idea is the garden party. String twinkle lights around the backyard and set up trellises wrapped in greenery. Lighter food is perfect for this sophisticated event. You can never have too many flowers at a garden party. Decorate with different flowers and plants to really immerse your guests in the theme.



Colorful streamers and a bold bunch of paper flowers set the mood for a Mexican fiesta themed dinner. Get printed table clothes in bright colors to match the flowers and streamers. Make sure to have plenty of margaritas and serve Mexican cuisine like mole. Go over the top with a mariachi band.


Movie Night

Among the rehearsal dinner ideas, the most creative one is a movie themed dinner. Have guests arrive at a red carpet and have photos taken of them. Decorate with movie posters and use movie soundtracks as the background music for your party.



If you like the idea of a formal dinner, make it extra fun with a masquerade ball themed dinner. Guests can make their own masks or have some really cool ones already made for them. The decorations can be exquisite if you can afford with jewel toned sequins and silks.