Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Etiquette You Should Know


The rehearsal dinner is a great way to let your families and bridal party get to know one another in a more relaxed and intimate setting. The dinner often takes place the night before the wedding day and should allow the attendants plenty of time to be present for the actual rehearsal and attend the dinner. The best time to hold the dinner is around 7 pm and the actual rehearsal around 5:30 pm, this way those who work do not have to worry about taking the time off the attend. But, who exactly gets invited to the dinner and are rehearsal dinner invitations necessary? Read on to find out more!

Everything You Want to Know About Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Who should be invited?

This guest list for your rehearsal dinner does not have to be long. It is customary to invite immediate family members such as parents and siblings, the bridal party and their significant others should also be on the guest list as well as the parents of any child you have as a part of your bridal party. It is optional for you to invite the children to the rehearsal dinner as it is typically a later event. Your officiant and their spouse should also receive an invitation even though they most often will not attend.

Do you need a formal invitation for the rehearsal dinner?

Formal invitations are not necessary unless you plan on making the rehearsal dinner a more formal and extravagant affair. If you are keeping the dinner party small and intimate with only a few guests in attendance, you can choose to forgo written invitation and simply personally ask everyone you want to be there. 

If you have out of town guests that you want to include, then you should send out an invitation to them a little earlier than the other guests. You do not have to spend an exuberant amount on the rehearsal dinner invitations, you can create your own from your computer or purchase a set of ready-made invitations from your local party store.

What should the invitations say?

You can personalize the invitations by hand writing them or creating your own on your computer to add in some more designs and colors. You want to include the time and place of the actual rehearsal as well as the time and location of where the dinner will be held. You can refer to the sample rehearsal invitations below for ideas of how to word your rehearsal invitations.

  • Rehearsal Invitation Included with Wedding Invitations

Join us for the rehearsal of

Bride and Groom






City, State

RSVP Information.

Sending a Separate Rehearsal invitation

To help celebrate BRIDE and GROOM’s big day

We ask that you join our rehearsal dinner





RSVP Information.

  • Sending an Email Rehearsal Invitation

Please join us as we start off the celebrations for

BRIDE and GROOM big day!

We ask for your presence at the rehearsal dinner






For a joyous evening of food, drinks and good company.


Sending out the invitations

You want to send the rehearsal dinner invitations with or just shortly after you have sent out the actual wedding invitations. You want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to make the necessary travel arrangements and that they have plenty of time to RSVP for the event.

Rehearsal Invitations Recommendations?

If you need some help creating your own rehearsal invitations, then you can draw some inspirations from these classic designs!


This simple and clean design gives the impression of a fun and celebratory evening. Couples who want their rehearsal dinner to be a formal and chic affair will set the tone with this invitation design.

Cute and Fun

The fun cut of this invitation is a great option for couples who want to steer away from the incredibly formal and traditional look. Your guests get all the information they need and will also get the impression that it will be a fun evening they will not want to miss.


This rehearsal invitation layout offers a number of little details that enhances this simple design. From the little ties and necklace on the ‘n’ to the color choices, this is one invitation that is suitable for any type of dinner arrangement.


If you are the fun and outgoing couple, you can have your rehearsal invitations match your personality. The funky fonts, splashes of color and bubbly outline will definitely give your guest the impression of a fun and joyous celebration to be had.

With the Couple’s Picture

Pairing your rehearsal dinner invitations with one of your beautiful engagement pictures is a great idea! There are a number of ways you can make this design your own to be formal or informal. Placing the date in the center will also be a sure way that your guest won’t miss the date.

Destination Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

For couples having a destination wedding, you will want to make sure your guests know exactly where they will need to be for the rehearsal dinner to plan out their itineraries accordingly. Your rehearsal invitation should have a few details that automatically relates to the destination.