10 Things You Should Know for Renewing Wedding Vows


Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage. Whether you've made it 10 or 50 years, renewing wedding vows is a way to tell the world you'd still do it all over again. Or maybe you've just gotten through a rough patch and want to renew your commitment to each other. Whatever your reasons may be, there are some things you should know about renewing your wedding vows.

10 Things You Should Know Before Renewing Wedding Vows


How Soon Can You Renew?

When you renew your wedding vows is up to you. There's no hard and fast rule about when the right time to renew wedding vows is, but you don't want to do it too soon or too often. The exception to this is if you have eloped and would like to make your vows in front of friends and family after you get home. Otherwise, renewals are best saved for big milestone years like 10 or 25.


What Should the Ceremony Look Like?

Of course, the main part of the ceremony will be your exchange of vows. These will recall the vows you made at your original wedding, but the wording can be changed. This allows both of you to reflect of your time as a couple and how you feel about the other person. This is especially important if you've been married for decades. After you've exchanged your vows and exchanged rings, you can have children, other relatives or friends read something special or a meaningful song can be played. How you want to structure your ceremony is up to you.


What Should You Wear?

Get dolled up. If you're the bride, you can wear your original wedding dress (if you can) for renewing wedding vows, or find something new, like a cute little cocktail dress or an evening gown. It all depends on how formal you want the event to be. The bride should skip the veil this time around and wearing a hat or flowers in her hair is a good choice, but she can carry flowers if she'd like. The groom could wear his original wedding clothes if he has them, or something new for the occasion. If your wife has given you any jewelry or cufflinks as gifts, wear them. A boutonniere is a great addition to your outfit.


Should an Officiant Host the Ceremony?

You don't need one. Many couples just host the renewal themselves or have their children lead the ceremony. You could even have your original maid of honor and best man lead the wedding vow renewal.


Where Should You Have It?

You can renew your vows anywhere you would hold a wedding: in a house of worship, at the beach, on a gorgeous mountaintop. All that matters is that the place is meaningful for you two.


Who Should You Invite?

It depends on the type of celebration you want to have. If you would prefer something intimate, just invite close friends and family. If you want a huge party, invite everyone you know. Unless you want the blowout of the century, keep the guest list limited.


Are Invitations Necessary?

Certainly. Renewing wedding vows invitations should clearly state that you are having a renewal ceremony and you do not need to include your parents' names on the invitation, instead, just your own names since you are hosting the party yourselves. Send out the invitations at least two month in advance, so guests have time to RSVP and make arrangements to come. If you are hosting the celebration yourselves, your invitation should say something like "Your presence is requested at the renewal of wedding vows of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith". If your children are hosting the celebration, you can say something like "The children of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request your presence at the renewal of wedding vows of their parents".


Is a Reception Necessary?

Of course it is! There's no limit to what kind of gathering you hold, it can be anything from a barbecue to a sit down formal dinner. All that matters is that you get everyone together to celebrate you as a couple. Much like a wedding reception, you can have dancing, cake cutting and everything else that traditionally takes place. This is also the perfect time to bring out the photos and give everyone a nice trip down memory lane. You can show pictures of your family as it has grown over the years. Toasts are another must, in which way you can get to thank your friends and family for being a part of your marriage. Hire a photographer to ensure you have photos to look back at, maybe even at your next renewal.


What About the Other Parties?

While you do need to have a reception, the other gatherings that usually go along with a wedding are not needed. You don't need a bridal shower or bachelor party. It's just not appropriate for the occasion. As you're not a new couple, asking for gifts is inappropriate as well. You can also skip the maid of honor, the best man and the procession.


Is the Ceremony Legal?

Nope. This is only a symbolic event, not a legal one. There is no license needed or paperwork required. Some places and officiants will want to see that you are actually married before allowing wedding ceremony, but that is all required for renewing wedding vows.