Stunning Collection of Ruby Engagement Rings


‘Diamond is a girl’s best friend’ is one very exclusive famous lyric – because when it comes to pretty gems, ladies love them all, as long as they are sparkly and bright. While diamonds are the obvious top picks when it comes to engagement rings, many ladies prefer to show off a more unique type of bling – be it the case of a sapphire, or perhaps a pink diamond or, even better: a ruby! Ruby engagement rings are definitely gaining more and more popularity these days and the jewelry shops are well endowed with a wide range of styles, from classic cuts to truly vanguard pieces. Here are our top 20 picks of gorgeous and sparkly ruby rings.

Out Top 20 Picks of Ruby Engagement Rings

The Ruby and Diamonds Infinity Ring

For a girl who wants it all: the diamonds and the ruby, this ring is an ideal choice, as it combines the two precious gems in an infinity style design, perfect as a symbol of eternal love.

The 3-Stone Oval Ruby Ring

If you’re looking for a different stone and a non-typical design at the same time, then opt for this 3-stone oval ruby diamond ring, which clearly makes a style statement through its impressive size.

The Milgrain Ring

This vintage-inspired creation features a milgrain halo, a round cut ruby and plenty of diamonds displayed in true Art Deco-inspired style.

The Baguette Diamond Ring

A natural ruby with an oval cut, perfectly secured by baguette cut diamonds displayed symmetrically on each side – a stylized design without ornamental elements for a modern, confident lady.

The Braided Rope Ring

Ruby engagement rings come with a wide range of cuts - this cushion cut ruby and yellow gold rope band make a perfect team for a lady that doesn’t mind to be different from the crowd.

The Solitaire Ring

This solitaire ring is delicate, antique-like and beautiful in its simplicity - with a satin finish and a minimalist design, it’s the right choice for a girl that appreciates delicate pieces of jewelry.

The Emerald Cut Ring

Speaking of unique cuts, here’s a ring that features an emerald cut ruby – in brilliant red, with no other tones and ultra-sparkly no matter the angle.

The Bezel-Set Ruby

Featuring a bezel-set design, this ring combines minimalism with a classic sparkly band. A round and bright ruby in perfect red hues is always a classic!

The 3-Leyered Ring

If your love thinks more sparkle equals a better ring, then this 3-layered creation with a round cut ruby in the center is an excellent option. Sparkle overload!

The Micro Pave Ring

This delicate ring is another perfect example of simplified beauty – with a thin band and a tiny, but vibrant gem, it is a perfect choice for a feminine, sophisticated lady.

The Pear Cut Beauty

When it comes to ruby engagement rings, round cuts are in high demand, but pear cuts or teardrop gems are also on the rise. Check out this elegant creation featuring a bright red pear-shaped ruby.

The Art Nouveau Ring

This is not your typical ring – highly ornamental in design, swirly and dramatic, it’s the right choice for a bold, passionate woman with an artistic heart.

The Juliet Ring

If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly curved engagement ring featuring a sparkly, deep red ruby, then this elegant creation is a great option.

The 4 Rubies Ring

Check out this romantic ring featuring four rubies and 2 diamonds, plus the additional central gem at your choice - a great start in order to achieve the perfect custom design for your love.

The Diamond and Pear-Shaped Ruby Creation

Diamonds and rubies are once again combined in this gorgeous engagement ring – a successful mixture of shapes and brilliant hues!

The Dainty Handmade Ring

A tiny ruby heart in the middle of a hexagon setting makes this ring totally unique – add to that it’s handmade and perfectly imperfect and you’ve got a top candidate on your ruby engagement rings list!

The Alternative Teardrop Ring

If your love admires effortless styles, organic shapes and textures and has an overall bohemian vibe, then this alternative teardrop ring needs your attention.

The Luxe Ruby Ring

A luxurious gemstone ring with a massive oval ruby next to half-moon diamonds - an expensive, but highly glamorous choice!

The Dainty Pinkish Ruby Ring

For a woman that loves a pinkish hue, this dainty ring has some seriously pretty features: a subtly curved band, a light wine-colored gem and a delicate design.

The Classic Ruby Ring

A gorgeous oval-shaped ruby paired with brilliant micropavé diamonds, all completed by 18k white gold - definitely a classic choice in a sea of ruby engagement rings that even a princess wouldn’t refuse!