Best Ideas for Rustic Wedding Centerpieces


What distinguishes a rustic wedding theme from others is its natural approach in decoration. Simply natural yet rustic elements like wood, burlap, lace, mason jars, straws, jute, lantern are just a few accessories that can be used to create fascinating rustic wedding centerpieces. Check out some of the best and creative centerpieces ideas for rustic themed wedding.

24 Unique Centerpieces for a Rustic Wedding


Creatively Recycled Centerpieces

Look around and find the useless items like pails, watering cans and teapots. Fill it with fresh flowers that match your theme and lush green foliage as accents.


Nature-Inspired Grapevine Centerpieces

Grapevines can be molded into various elegant shapes and styles like nests, vases, and wreath style vases. Accents like candle, flowers and foliage are best.


Old Boxes Centerpieces

Old wooden boxes are easily available and also quite affordable. For a rustic themed wedding it could be perfect with artistically arranged flowers.


Branching Centerpieces

Skillfully wrapped tall branches accented with fresh flowers is uniquely affordable. Hanging candles would add romantic ambiance to this rustic wedding centerpiece.


Pink and Gold Centerpieces

This one combination is never outdated. Gorgeous rustic centerpieces can be made using pink flowers with variant styles of gold vases.


Woven Basket Centerpiece

Woven baskets are typically rustic. Adding nice combination of seasonal and wild flowers with other green accents look attractive.


Metallic Gold Centerpieces

This one of rustic wedding centerpieces is just stunning! A gold metal vase is best combined with fresh seasonal and wild flowers. Foliage and grasses elevate the rustic sensation.


Mason Jars on Wooden Slice

Talking of rustic accessories, mason jars and wooden slices are purely one of them. Commonly used solely, but using them together accentuate each other well.


Moss Table Centerpieces

Use moss as a base to vases, mason jars, bottles with candles and flowers in it. Or you can cover the whole table with a sheet moss.


Lantern Centerpieces

There are many elegant ways to use antique and Morrocon styled lantern as centerpieces. Accents like flowers, foliage, mason jars and wood, candles can be used.


Elegant Crystal Candle Stands as Centerpieces

Candles are always trendy with rustic wedding centerpieces. But in a crystalline candle stand, table décor would be exceptional. Addition of flowers is a plus.


Table-length Garland Centerpiece

This rustic centerpiece idea is best match for long rectangle tables. Make garlands of fruits and magnolia leaves. To elevate it, go for the addition of flowers or candles.


Dried Ammobium Rustic Centerpieces

Any container would look perfect with dried ammobium. It could be a mason jar or a wooden slice.


Rich Green Foliage Centerpiece

Rustic wedding centerpieces can also be made by using more lush green foliage and fewer flowers or any other accents.


Wheat in Blue Mason Jars

Accenting a mason jar with wheat gives a pure rustic appeal to eyes. It would be more appealing with blue Jars.


Old Books Centerpieces

Recycle the old and antique books by using them as a centerpiece. A simple flower arrangement with books is yet another unique concept.


Lace Covered Jars

Use mason jars covered with delicate lace. Add a romantic ambiance by placing candles inside. This would definitely give a mesmerizing feel in evening event.


Balls of Twines Centerpieces

Wrap the balls of twines with any woven thread can make a nice container for flowers as well as candles.


Butternut Squash Vase Centerpieces

Hollow up a butternut squash and fill it up with your favorite flowers and foliage. An amazingly easy centerpiece idea for sure.


Nautical Rope Vase

Check out these appealing and cost effective DIY rustic wedding centerpieces ideas for simplicity and creativity at a time. A simple jar can be wrapped skillfully with a nautical rope. Fill it with any wild or seasonal flowers. It looks great.


Metallic PVC Pipes as Centerpieces

Colored Sprayed pipes can make best centerpieces. Decorate them with freshly hued flowers or succulents.


Jute Covered Centerpieces with Flower

An empty, old container or a glass bottle can be accented with jute to get a classy look.


An empty, old container or a glass bottle can be accented with jute to get a classy look.

This centerpiece can easily be made by yourself. Add sand, dust, rock and top it with colored succulents.


Square Glass Containers as Centerpieces

Square jars of glass in variant sizes can be decorated side by side, cut short flowers for short container and tall-stem flowers for the tall ones. These rustic wedding centerpieces can also add succulents.