Should I Sleep with My Engagement Ring On?


You love your engagement ring so much that you cannot imagine ever having to take it off. While you may want to wear it for the rest of your life, there are some instances where you will want to take it off to keep it looking sparkly and new for lifetime. Then, what about when you go to sleep? 

Should I Sleep with My Engagement Ring On?

It is not recommended that you sleep with your engagement ring on. You want your ring to be kept in the best possible condition for many years and even generation, so wearing it while you sleep is not the best idea. Not only can this damage the ring but also it can accidental scratch you or your partner depending on the size, shape and cut of the ring.

What Others Say About Sleeping with Their Ring On?

"My jeweler advised me to take it off when I sleep. With all the prongs and edges, it is more likely to get caught on the threads of blankets and pillows and even tangled up in my hair. I move around a lot at night, so this is something I do not want to have to worry about."

"I take mine off when I sleep. My fingers tend to swell overnight and I hate the feeling of it being too tight on my finger in the morning."

"After poking myself in the eye a few times as well as scratching my husband in the middle of the night it was no hesitation to give a definitely "yes" to "should I sleep with my engagement ring on". I place it safely in the same spot before I go to sleep so I don’t harm myself or my partner throughout the night."

Other Conditions That You’d Better Take Off Engagement Ring

If you want to keep your engagement ring looking just as fabulous as the first time you put it on, then there are some other scenarios where you will want to take it off and put it in a safe place. Aside from when you go to bed, you should take your ring off during these activities.

When getting ready

Lotion, makeup and hair products can cause build up on your engagement ring, which can dim the shine of the diamond. The chemicals in hairspray can also eat away at the metal and gemstones, causing them to appear dull over time.


When Swimming

You increase the risk of losing your engagement ring when swimming with it on, and while in a pool it can be easier to retrieve, in the ocean or lake this can be almost impossible. The chlorine can also severely damage it as well causing the metal to deteriorate.


When Cleaning

Should I sleep with my engagement ring on is asked just as much as should I clean with my engagement ring on. This is another instance where you will want to take it off and leave it in a safe place. The harsh chemical found in many cleaning products can damage the setting and change the color of the metal and even the diamond.


When Doing Dishes

As with many of the other cleaning products, dish soaps can also contain harmful chemicals that can damage the diamond and the band.


When Operating Heavy Machinery

If you work in a job that involves excess manual labor like construction, then it is best if you leave your ring off and at home in a safe place. These jobs tend to increase the chances of cracking, splitting or other damage to the diamond or band.


When Playing Sports

If you regularly play tennis or golf, it is a better idea to take your ring off before playing. Keeping it on can cause excessive wear and tear and if the band has diamonds around it, you increase the chances of knocking one of the stones loose or out.


When Gardening

If someone asked "should I should take on the ring when gardening", give them an answer like that to "should I sleep with my engagement ring on". The hidden rocks can chip the diamond or knock it loose and this is one instance where you are sure to get your ring incredibly dirty.


When Exercising

If your workouts consist of weight training or pull up bars, it is best to leave your ring off. You can risk scratching the band or cracking the stones off the weights.


When Cleaning the Oven

Even when wearing gloves, you are much safer just taking your ring off when handling the harsh chemicals of oven cleaners. Oven cleaning products are widely known for their potency and this is something you don’t want to risk coming in contact with your beloved ring.


When Cooking or Baking

If you are making something that is sticky or gooey, then you will want to take your ring off. A number of cooking ingredients can simply make a mess of your ring and be a pain to clean off.