20 Signs He’s Going to Propose


Shifty eyes, strange occurrences, and suspicious activity? It’s hard to jump to conclusions about the love of your life, but instead of going down the negative route, could it be possible he is going to propose sooner or later?

When a man knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with the one, he will go to any length to be able to make it a moment to remember. If you’re getting paranoid or over-excited, read through our list of signs that he’s going to propose!

20 Signs He’s Going to Propose


He becomes your dad’s buddy and hangs out with him a lot

The man he used to be afraid of is now becoming one of his closest friends! It’s a weird sight, but it makes a lot of sense. After all, he is going to ask your father to give away his dearest princess. And of course, building up friendship with your dad would be a good start.


He wants you to meet his parents

If you have never met his parents, then the dawn of his proposal is the most appropriate time for you to get to know them. His parents need to see what a wonderful partner their dearest child wants to spend the rest of his life with. This meeting is the assurance that he is sealing the deal with his family’s side too.


He has secret meetings with your friends and family members

Has he been sneaking around, making weirdly close conversation with your parents or siblings? Your family is probably in this after he has asked permission for your hand in marriage. If your family loves him as well, expect them to support his quest to be legally bound to love you forever!


Your friends start to ask you specific questions about rings

Rings are the symbol of the entire marriage. While symbols are mere objects, so much meaning and memory can exist in these beautiful personal items. Talk of your ideal ring is a significant sign – especially doing it through friends!


Your friends get extremely excited every time you call

Is it happening right now? Oh my god, is it now? Your friends who are aware of his intentions must be holding their breaths, awaiting the moment that they’ve all been waiting for. Every call you make might be an unexpected surprise from you, but all of them are just watching your reaction.


He’s sizing you up secretly

Has he been playing with your fingers more often? Holding hands might not just be a sweet gesture right now – it’s also a reconnaissance mission! If he’s snooping around your jewelry box and staring at your hands, fantasizing about how the ring would look like on you, he is going to propose.


He starts to use “us” instead of “I”

Fantasizing about becoming a united couple, I see? Using a collective pronoun is one of the most telling signs he’s going to propose. You bet that he can start seeing all the matching couple stuff as soon as you finish walking down the aisle.


He has a sudden interest in jewelry

Men would hardly be into jewelry, especially the fancy, fashionable, and outrageously expensive kind. But he also wants the best for you. The sudden interest in jewelry and your tastes could be leading to something more.


He is nervous around you

Holy moly, there are so many mistakes that can be made when you are planning a proposal. It only takes the slip of the tongue to do so. His teetering around topics and nervous glances only mean he is practicing for something serious…


He starts calling you by his last name

If he is already playfully joking about married life like this, there is absolutely no need to wonder. It’s coming.


He likes talking about the future

Sharing about the future is normal, but when it feels like he wants to talk about it more and more, he may be seriously shaping up his future with you. You better answer his questions right if you are serious about him too, at this point in your relationship!


He starts to saving money

When did he become so thrifty? Weddings are expensive affairs, even the simplest ones, and being strict with saving money falls under the signs he’s going to propose. Beyond your wedding, after all, it is your lifetime together, and he surely wants you to have a comfortable lifestyle with him!


Bachelor activities are not his priority anymore

Maybe he will never lose interest in hanging out with his bros, but when it comes to spending time, you will notice that a larger part will be with you. This is a sign that he’s breaking down the barriers and is slowly readying himself for married life!


He starts to quiz you (about your jewelry or your dream proposal)

Playful quizzing might have always been part of your flirting or teasing, but you will notice the questions are getting much more serious. He’s not a mind reader, after all – but he still wants this proposal to be the one of your dreams.


He is acting weird when receiving a package

When a box arrives for him, what does he do? Does he scurry off with it once he receives it? If no explanation is provided for these sudden purchases, they might be special implements in his proposal plan.


He disappears often in one week or two

Planning a proposal is hard work, and he probably needs time away to work on this and coordinate with everyone he has brought in on the surprise. Short bursts of errands could point out he has something very big planned for you!


He starts to like attending weddings

Weddings are great occasions, and attending one will be the perfect way for him to figure out the works, the costs, and your preferences. It’s really a undercover mission to figure out the kind of wedding the two of you will have in the future.


He becomes organized

If he was never particularly a stickler for organization before, and suddenly he wants things in order, this newfound attitude towards planning could be one of the signs he’s going to propose. Think about it – he doesn’t want to leave a messy trail for you to accidentally uncover!


He plans a romantic trip for you two

Out of town proposals are a no-brainer if the two of you love to travel, or even if you don’t travel often. He will probably bring you to a fantasy place and bring your heart’s desire here!


He refuses to cancel plans

What’s with the sudden agitation when plans don’t go as planned? Could this anxiety be connected to his proposal anxiety? His planning would have been very thorough, so any kind of planning that goes wrong, is sure to get him over the edge and do anything to make it work – all for you!