10 Dazzling Collections of Solitaire Engagement Ring


A diamond solitaire has, since eternity, been the ideal engagement ring. In the present day, when each desires to stand out, various other engagement ring settings have also been well-liked, but only for a certain time frame. The solitaire ring stands unbeatable through all ages for its charm, elegance and sheer perfection. The clean lines, a single diamond or gemstone placed at the centre, fixating all gaze upon it without any tiny gemstone being a distraction owes to the extensive preference for engagement solitaire rings.

Basic Knowledge About Solitaire Engagement Rings

Why Pick a Diamond for Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire ring solely directs all focus upon the diamond/gem positioned right in the center. This makes selection of the gem pretty essential. The shape, size and quality need to be at par with the chosen gem without going overboard with the price.

Talking about shapes, round diamonds are the most conventional, their sizzling intensity never fails to lure the spectator. Yet, not checking out the wide array of other gorgeously shaped solitaires is a terrible offense, especially when they are offering additional value. Giving a tough competition to the round cut is the square princess cut diamond that is a beauty in itself. Have you encountered those delicate elegant looking oblong shaped diamonds? They dazzle like the round ones but are oval, marquise or pear in shape and can make fingers seem longer! For a sleek look, go with princess, asscher, or emerald cut diamonds that encompass clean straight lines. A diamond’s clarity is emphasized by the subtle shine of asscher and emerald cuts, which can create an impact of having a higher carat weight on the onlooker.

About Selecting a Setting?

The solitaire engagement ring encompasses scores of style and setting choices. Tiffany-style setting, with a cautiously picked single diamond set with four or six prongs atop a delicate precious metal band, obviously rules the list. The quantity of light that strike the core gemstone is enhanced by this sort of settings which exude pure radiance. That been said, bezel-set solitaire has its own fan following amongst ladies who do not wish to go too fancy with their engagement rings. Each setting rules a territory of its own. They embody a plain sophistication in their design but are distinctive rings and can vary from being traditional to contemporary and also outright exceptional.

10 Dazzling Collections of Solitaire Engagement Rings

Heart Shaped

Capture all the love in a gorgeous heart shaped diamond solitaire ring. For all who desire grace, circling the center stone is a craftily molded ribbon pattern. As you say ‘Yes’, you can’t hold back from uttering “wow” instantly.

Cushion Cut

This marvelous engagement ring, the square/rectangular shaped cushion cut center placed diamond can stun every pair of eyes that rests on it. Often called pillow cut, its rounded cornered delicacy held by 4 prongs inspires awe when set amidst the radiating band of diamond ring.

Pear Shaped

A ravishing pear shaped diamond on a pong setting with a platinum band that flaunts excellent crisscross design. The fine detailing in the middle is a lattice pattern. This ring blends the age-old beauty with a modern charm that is absolutely out of the world.

Emerald Shaped

An engagement is more than a memory, so seize it with an emerald cut diamond ring. Rectangle in shape, the flat top with step cuts on the sides is a complete splendor. Choose a halo setting, as the crown of diamonds enveloping the center stone emanates a glow that is spectacular.

Princess Cut

A bride-to-be can live the dream of a ‘princess feeling’ with a perfectly carved princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. The 4-prong gives a comfy fit. Its simplicity can sweep you off your feet with its artistry and classy appeal.

Asscher Cut

For a jaw dropping impact, the nature-inspired asscher cut prong hooked center diamond is just perfect. This delicate beauty pleasantly held with a white gold budding willow ring gives a feminine look that can get guests gasping.

Marquise Cut

It you feel you want to blow away the mind of anyone who sees the engagement ring, then opt for this marquise cut diamond. The 14K gold band is a stylish one. This pristine sensation is designed to woo a bride-to-be.

Oval Shaped

Often you turn out to be the most classy when flaunting a simple traditional oval shaped diamond held by a six-prong white gold ring. It just looks utterly smashing. With this sitting on the finger, attention is sure to turn your way.

Radiant Cut

Be prepared for prolonged stares when you are wearing this reverie style ring with the radiant cut diamond placed beautifully in the center. The sky blue color of the stone creates a sparkle that would make you glow.

Round Shaped

The yearning for a round cut solitaire engagement ring will never die out! On top of that, when a celtic love knot white gold ring holds the divine center stone exquisitely, the overall appeal is extraordinary. The radiance emanating from the center stone makes the eyes twinkle!