Fun, Groovy and Sweet Wedding Music for Bridesmaid Walking Down Aisle


Bridesmaids are the closest people to you and your partner and each person are handpicked, because in one way or another, they all helped made your relationship successful. To make their presence extra special on your wedding, you can honor them with a unique song that will make their entrance as beautiful as yours. Below are some of our top picks that can be perfect wedding music for bridesmaid walking down aisle.

20 Sweet Wedding Music for Bridesmaid Walking Down Aisle


Everything – Lifehouse

This solemn tune by Lifehouse is perfect for a church wedding; the slow tempo gives your bridesmaids enough time to walk down the aisle and enjoy their moment before the bride finally arrives.


Home – Phillip Phillips

Another slow tune from former American Idol Phillip Phillips, this song can be solemn, but has enough climaxes that will excite not just the wedding party but the whole church. The lyrics will also make a perfect tear jerker and will leave everyone sobbing.


Love on Top – Beyonce

If you prefer a more upbeat tune, you can set the mood of your aisle with this Beyonce hit. The guests will be excited as they welcome the bridesmaids and everyone will be put into a good mood.


All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

As one of the feeling-good wedding music for bridesmaid walking down aisle, this Beatles classic will make everyone gush and smile. Also featured in the movie Love, Actually, you can use this song if you and your partner are movie buffs and want to incorporate your theme in the aisle.


At Last – Etta James

This song is all about romance! At Last by Etta James does not only set the mood of the guests for the coming of the bride, but the title itself sends a message that at last this wedding is worth the wait.


Crazy In Love – Beyonce and Jay Z

Another party tune is Crazy in Love by power couple Beyonce and Jay Z. This song will be perfect if you have a Vegas themed wedding or just want to send the message to your guests that you are here to party and you are crazy in love!


You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman – Carole King

This R&B song has enough romance and sensuality that will be a perfect song for your bridesmaids and a great song of anticipation before the bride arrives. The song is not too rowdy but not to slow as well so it will keep their senses alive.


A Thousand Years – The Piano Guys

A Thousand Years, a beautiful rendition of Christina Perri’s hit , will make it one of the great wedding music for bridesmaid walking down aisle, with its sweet and subtle tempo. No lyrics required for this one, because it will definitely bring your guests to tears just by the amazing instruments alone.


Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson

No one can ever go wrong with the King of Pop. This sweet R&B tune will make your guests smiling and bobbing their head while your bridesmaids enter the venue. The song will also send the message that love never felt so good!


Can’t Take My Eyes of You – Frankie Vallie

This classic Frankie Vallie song is a popular one, but still a great song to use for your wedding party. The song has just the right tempo to make your guests upbeat and excited giving them a happy mood for the wedding.


I Do – Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s song is a funny one to play on any wedding. It’s sweet without being corny and sappy; it also has a fun tempo perfect for a brunch or a beach wedding.


Best of My Love – Emotions

Another fun R&B song, Best of My Love is a groovy theme that sets a good vibe to your wedding day. The classic dance melody is not for the traditional wedding but will fit any couple.


The Only Exception – Paramore

If you are a rock & roll couple, Paramore’s slow song is perfect you. Don’t worry, because this tune will not blast your speakers but just serenade your guests.


Marry You – Bruno Mars

This Bruno Mars hit song has been a favorite to weddings and it will still make one of the perfect wedding music for bridesmaid walking down aisle. It’s fun, spunky and young and will be a great opening for the bride too.


Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Another great slow song for a traditional wedding is Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun. The tempo is great for a church wedding or a simple morning wedding in the garden, relaxing and very appropriate for breakfast!


I Choose You – Sarah Bareilles

This whimsical song by Sarah Bareilles is cute, fun and not too formal. Your wedding bridesmaids will enjoy walking down the aisle with this song and so will your guests.


Best Day of My Life – American Authors

Best Day of My Life may be non-traditional but is still such a fun song to walk on to. It’s such a light and happy song that will make your guests get up on their seats and dance a little while your bridesmaids walk down the aisle.


Dawn – Andrew Lapp

From the movie Pride and Prejudice, this piano arrangement by Andrew Lap is a classical and traditional tune perfect for any wedding. If you are having a Victorian-themed wedding, this piece could set the perfect mood.


Happy Together – The Turtles

Happy Together maybe an old song, but it’s still catchy and fun. You can have a whimsical wedding with this song making your guests and wedding party swaying on your special day.


Is This Love – Bob Marley

If you are having a beach wedding, Is this Love by Bob Marley can be a perfect option. This reggae classic is one of the great wedding music for bridesmaid walking down aisle because of its relaxed melody and good vibes.