20 Best Song for Walking Back Down Aisle


After all is done and you as a couple, are finally heading back for recessional, you must choose the music to glamorize the moment. Not any other type of music, but look for the tunes with the elements of fun, romance or the upbeat ones would also be appropriate. Here we have compiled a list of all-time famous song for walking back down aisle.

Upbeat Songs for Walking Back Down the Aisle


This Will Be- Natalie Cole

The rollicking soundtrack sweetly represents the feelings of a lover who is extremely grateful for all the positive things that her love has brought into her life. No one but only he can give him all these pleasures.


Love on Top-Beyoncé

It’s about a girl whose lover has given her so many reasons to live and to smile. People say love hurts but she is thankfully happy, for the man she loves, has proved it all just a vain thought. She feels thankful for placing her love on top.


You Make My Dreams Come True- Hall & Oates

The song really lives up to the hype of an upbeat song. The rhythmic beats would surely make you groove. The lyrics suggest the joyous mood of a lover who is thanking his love for being there for him.


Sugar" by Maroon 5

It’s surely a song to get lost in. The lover is craving and trying hard to get close to the one he loves. No matter where she lives, go or whatever she does, all he wants is to be around her.


Love Never Felt So Good- Michael Jackson

The song is not only perfect for the repeated listens but also one of the great choices for the song for walking back down aisle. It’s a song, praising love. The singer describes love as a blessing. And loving never felt so good.


Best Day of My Life- American Authors

Yet another harmonically-rich and funky song that would set the tone of the event. The song is an instrumental genius. It’s about a guy whose love has made him falling head over heels. And this day is gonna be the best day of his life.


You Are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne

This song is always a treat to listen. The lover (disturbed over something) wants his lady to be with him. As her presence is always so relieving and makes his worries fade away. The lyrics and music both are quite suitable to be played at a recessional.

Romantic Songs for Walking Back Down the Aisle


There's No Way- Alabama

Embroidered with romantic effects, the song is a beautiful expression of love. It’s about a night (just like a wedding night), when the lover is overwhelmed to express his love. And how impossible it is for him to be without her.


When You Got a Good Thing-Lady Antebellum

It’s the wedding day and the lover falls head over heels in love. Finding such a nice life partner has just made him feel so lucky. He is all set to face the ups and downs (of marital life) only if she is with him.


Look at Us- Vince Gill

The song presents the feelings and experience of an old age couple. After spending so many years in a relationship (marriage) the experienced couple is still leaning on each other. There were differences and issues but love conquered all.


Forever's as Far as I'll Go- Alabama

One of the highly recommended song for walking back down aisle. It’s a song where the lover assures his life partner of loving her to bits. He would never take her for granted. Even when they grow old, they would still cherish this love.


I Do-Paul Brandt

Course of true love never runs smoothly. The song is also about quite a similar situation where both the lovers have been through much in their lives. And now after getting back together, they are determined to standby each other.


Til My Last Day- Justin Moore

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. That’s what the lover feels in the song. His terrible past makes him feel that he should not love someone as special as his lady-love. But finally, he ends up on loving her. Till his last breath.


God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton

Love will find a way! The song is the story of a man facing troubles, getting hopeless from life. Finally, the woman enters his life, like an angel and makes it worth living. Feeling blessed, he is sure that she is a gift from god.


Hey Pretty Girl-Kip Moore

The song’s lyrics are about a beautiful way of proposing a girl. The man calls her ‘pretty girl’. And wants her to come and build a love nest with him. Life is just too long and it’s better to have the right life partner with you.

Sweet and Fun Songs for Walking Back Down the Aisle


Happy Together-the Turtles

So happy together! That’s what the song is all about. When the couple is together, everything turns out to be great. You and only you are the one, I want to spend my life with, that’s what the lover believes.


This Will Be Our Year-The Zombies

The song is about the celebration and joy that the couple in the song is experiencing. After passing all the hardships and heavy days, finally they are on their way to a blessed life. As he sings, this will be our year.


Smile- Uncle Kracker

It’s a rather fun song for walking back down aisle. The song is all about the admiration of a lover for his girl. To him, whatever he has got in his life, is just because of her.


Feel Again- OneRepublic

The song expresses the feelings of the man who had a numb soul once. He had no feelings at all. But ever since this girl is in his life, life has become beautiful for him. It’s nothing but an all new feeling of life from within.


I Do- Colbie Caillat

A feel-good song, it’s a beautiful depiction of the story of a girl who never believed in love and getting married, till the time, she met her prince charming. That was the love at the first sight and the man made her scream, ‘I do’.