Top 20 Songs to Walk Into Your Reception


Every bride and groom want to make an entrance after the actual ceremony as the new Mr. and Mrs.. With an endless amount of options for song choices to play during your reception, it can be a challenge to narrow down the one song you want to make your entrance with. Fortunately, here is the most popular 20 songs we carefully choose from numerous lists. You can make your entrance from dramatic to entertaining or simply setting the mood to get your guest up and dancing with the one you like best!

Top 20 Songs to Walk Into Reception for You


Blacked Eyed Peas- Let's Get It Started

If you want to get your guest ready to start your reception party, than this hit from the Blacked Eyed Peas is sure to get everyone up out of their seats.


Pharrell Williams- Happy

Let your guest know how happy you are with this happy song to walk into reception to and share the happiness.


Avicii- Waiting for Love

With a catchy beat and a unique message of everlasting love this is a ideal wedding reception entrance song.


Beyonce ft. Jay Z- Crazy in Love

You can go the original version of this upbeat dance hit, or you can chose to mellow it down with the remake that was featured in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie.


Beatles- All You Need Is Love

A huge hit in the 1960's, this Beatles tune is a great song to walk into your reception if you are a more docile couple.


Europe- The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a great way for you to build up anticipation as your bridal party enters the reception and awaits for the newlyweds to make the first appearance as Mr. and Mrs.


Sister Sledge- We Are Family

Signifying your union as a new family and just a feel good classic will get your guest swaying to this catchy beat. This is one of the songs to walk into reception you can consider.


Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel

This is one song you can walk into your reception with in a number of creative ways, for example, trying perfecting the signature moonwalk.


Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

Put on a pair of stylish matching sunglasses while you do your best retro dance steps and get your guests ready to dance the night away.


Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

This golden old hit is upbeat and catchy, perfect for getting your wedding guests ready to celebrate.


Jason Mraz- I'm Yours

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz is just an all-around feel good song with a catchy subtle beat and beautiful lyrics. Believe it or not, it will be one of the best songs to walk into reception for everyone.


Darkness- I Believe In a Thing Called Love

Have the DJ start this song around minute 2.40 for your entrance and get your guest clapping along.


Smash Mouth- I'm a Believer

You do not need a song to walk into your reception instead dance, and your guests will soon follow you on the dance floor.


Frank Sinatra- Love and Marriage

Anyone who knows of the hit TV show Love and Marriage from the late 1980's-1990's will appreciate and be entertained with this great entrance song.


Rob Base & DJ E.Z. Rock- It Takes Two

Have your DJ get the crowd into welcoming the newlyweds with this party hit from the 1980's.


Maroon 5- Sugar

Simply a really sweet way to get your reception started right away.


Darude- Sandstorm

The possibilities for your entrance are endless with this electronic trance song with its many variation. You can really build up your guests' anticipation for your walk into the reception and get them ready to dance.


DJ Kool- Let Me Clear My Throat

All your guests are sure to know this party hit from the 1990's. Let Me Clear My Throat is one of the best songs to walk into reception in an entertaining and fun way.


John Williams- Star Wars Theme Song

If you are one of the millions who are Star Wars fantastic, this will be a perfect way to pay tribute to you guys as a couple and get some laughs from your guests.

You can also choose to go with the Darth Vader Theme Song, The Imperial March if you are more of the Dark side couple.


Bob Marley- One Love

Just get everyone in the romantic mood with Bob Marley's One Love, a mellow tune that can be a true reflection of you two as a couple.