16 Most Refreshing and Trendy Spring Wedding Colors


Planning a wedding? The very first step towards planning a wedding is the selection of the wedding hue. After all color matters! Factors like season and venue of the wedding, work a lot in determining the wedding color. It’s finally spring! you can experiment with the colors freely. The more you are into the colors, the prettier it looks. As Robin Williams said, Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’ Here we have paired the trendiest and the most sun-filled spring wedding colors to help you get the best color ideas for spring wedding.

Get Inspiration from Pantone Spring 2016 Color Report

These following 10 colors are considered most trendy in 2016, and inspired by it, we have composed a list of the most beautiful colors for your Spring wedding as well as details for decoration.

16 Most Trendy Colors for Spring Wedding in 2016


Rose Quartz with Peach Echo

Rose quartz comes with a sense of composure and pairing it with peach echo, makes it more rejouvinating. The magical combination offers a lot to explore the beauty of spring in dresses and wedding accessories all around you. Add the complimentry accents like white, lilac grey and other pastel shades to get the feel of springtime.


Serenity Pale Blue & White

Serenity is a blissful spring hue. Using it on a wedding as a theme is perfect in spring. The color is so elegant in itself that it would be wise to pair it with lighter shades. Most recommended is to pair it with ivory white. An elegant combination for sure. Accents like silver and lilac grey would complement the romantic combo.


Sun Drenched Yellow and Green Flash

This one of spring wedding colors is vibrant! Delightful combination of both refreshing hues in spring outdoor wedding can create a picture perfect event. A nontraditional yellow gown for bride and groom can wear a matched yellow tie. The pairing of these hues looks more stunning with the addition of white and grey accents in the wedding accessories like pottery, centerpieces, candles and above all the mesmerizing combo of yellow with white flowers.


Violet and Teal Blue

It’s an exotic color combination for spring weddings. Especially for a peacock themed wedding. A white bridal gown surrounded by all these lavishing colors, looks vibrant. Use of these colors in bridal party dresses, flowers, and overall decoration gives the feelings of royalty and richness. Accents like lavender, orchid and amethyst in the backdrop and other wedding accessories make it more stunning.


Coral and Mint with Peach Accent

Coral and mint is a rejuvenating combination. A simple floral bridal gown in these romantic colors looks glamourous with exotic surrounding filled with coral and mint flowers. A little touch of peach accent, in the overall wedding décor looks elegant. Combine these romantic colors in the stuff like vases, paper hangings, balloons, wedding invites and even you can have coral and mint macaroons.


Snorkel Blue & Ivory

Looking for a colorful yet classy look for your wedding this spring? Try the relaxing snorkel blue with a chic ivory. A bride in ivory gown looks gorgeous with her girls cladded in blue. To make it more colorful, choose the shades like grey and aqua in the wedding decor. A groom can add these colors to his attire, to compliment the bride.


Red Fiesta with Pink

What about a bolder look for spring? Spring is all about colors from light to bold ones. A ravishing red fiesta perfectly combines with a refreshing pink. A red bridal wear, abloom surroundings, filled with red and pink hues, what could portray a warming spring better than this? Adding a touch of green to this combo will enliven it more.


Pink, Peach and Buttercup

This fresh spring colors combo is perfect for an outdoor event. You have unlimited ways to utilize this romantic combination. From accessories, desserts, dresses to a romantic wedding altar, the colors are easy to mange. This catchy combination creates a sun-kissed spring feel. Addition of elegant white or grey with them is surely a plus.


Spring Nuptials with Combo of Green

A green is greener in spring. Want to try unique spring wedding colors? Combining various joyful shades of green in an event is a unique idea. The overall results could be jaw dropping. There are so many shades of green like apple green, mint, pichtatio green, flash green and when it comes in combination of classic ivory, the results are incredible.


Metallic Gold with Bold Fuchsia Pink

Metallic colors are quite in from a couple of seasons. Not only in bridal wear, but the wedding accessories like centerpieces, furniture etc. are being made in the combination of metal. This spring color gives the metallic, a touch of delight with the bold and glamorous fuchsia pink. Additions of pastels would make it perfect.


Lilac Light Purple with Green

Lilac light purple is th most spring-inspired color. The color exudes a romantic feel that no other can compete. Party Dresses, decorations, food, orchids, everythings looks refreshing in light purple. To give it a change, try green with it. Fresh orchids with green leaves in the backdrop and all over is a rare combo, other accents like white and pink can make it more pleasant.


Iced Coffee with Green

Iced coffee spring color is for those who want elegance and style at a time. The heavenly hue is suitable for an indoor wedding event. Combining green with iced coffee anew the environment. From dresses to accessories, crockery, the combination breathes in life to the event. Addition of a few neutral shades in overall décor and specially in flowers is appealing.


Blissful Limpet Shell with Aqua

Its undoubtedly the most heavenly combination of spring wedding colors. The vibrant limpet shell paired with blissful aqua is perfect for a wedding on the beach. The combination is best used with the accents like peach and white. From white bridal wear to limpet shell bridesmaid dresses, all give a lovely feel. Add wedding accessories in neutral colors to create the magic.


Marsala with Neutral Shades

Shake off those winter blues with the blooming touch of marsala. Adding this trendy hue with neutral shades like peach and pink can energize the whole event. Touches of marsala over neutral shades look stunning. Whether wedding dresses or other wedding accessories, this combination is perfectly suitable for spring weddings.


Classic Coral and Grey

Coral is a classic warm spring hue, perfect for spring wedding. The relaxing color can be paired with many. To get a unique spring feeling, use it with grey hue. It looks romantic and classy. Spring combination is perfect for indoor wedding event. A touch of white accent to the combination would make it more appealing to eyes.


Peach with Classic Cream Color

A spring-inspired wedding is incomplete without the glowing touch of peach. Pairing of peach with classic cream hue gives a sun-kissed look to the whole event. A bride in classic cream, surrounded by refreshing peach flowers and other wedding accessories looks spectacular. Using nude accents with these spring wedding colors, would make it look like a bouquet of spring.