How to Update a Status of Engagement on Social Media


Getting engaged is like the first milestone that you have reached in the journey of love. Engagement is the first official celebration of your love and friendship. As the wedding season gets close, you will notice more and more people updating the status of engagement on the social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. It’s quite a trend now. Here is an extensive guide for engagement announcement etiquette.

Romantic Words to Announce Engagement on Social Media!

You can post some related picture and tag your fiancé in the post, with some nicely romantic engagement statuses. Here are some:

1. Just engaged to a true friend, a trustworthy fellow. From now on, my love, we are partners in good and bad times.

2. Here starts the first chapter of our lives, hopefully our story would keep getting better and better with each new chapter.

3. It’s a dreamy beginning of our fairytale, a story with a happily ever after ending.

4. No matter how many chances I get in my life, I will choose you over and over again.

5. In your arms, I am happy, I am something. Walking with you through life, is just everything. Happy engagement to us!

6. On a wonderful journey together, we will write an eternal love story.

7. This intimate bond is not just about exchanging the rings; it’s about exchanging the sweetest of our dreams.

8. Everything that I ever wanted to have is ‘You’.

9. To be with you is like a wish come true. This engagement has just given me the hope for an everlasting and blissful life together.

10. This ring will work as a reminder of staying together and fulfilling the promises, each time we meet situations, hard to handle.

11. Happy to be tied in an eternal knot with someone as sweet as you.

12. Feeling blessed for having you as a companion, in the journey of life.

13. This status of engagement is not the celebration of an exquisite ring on my finger, it’s about the beginning of a new era that we both have entered with giving hearts and open arms.

14. After getting engaged, a single day without you would be like a day without sunshine.

15. In the whole world, no heart has touched my soul so tenderly as yours, just tied in your love forever!

16. We were stranger once, today, a match made in heaven. Proudly Engaged!

17. This celebration is not just about today or tomorrow, it’s about always and forever.

18. My days of being alone are over. My days are gonna fill with love, luck and happiness.

19. Finally engaged! All set to go on a life-long trip to a bright future together.

20. This message is sealed with a kiss for the man who is not just a partner of love, but the jelly to my peanut butter.

21. Just engaged! Feeling head over heels.

22. Getting engaged to the love of my life is a wish come true.

23. Here is a beautiful start of our journey. Remember! My love for you will never grow old.

24. Finally, I have someone who took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart.

25. You are and you will always be the best thing ever happened to me.

A Few Creative Ideas!

There could be many great ways to post your status on social media. Check out a few creative ideas practiced by the people.

“Getting engaged was once in a lifetime experience, so I was going head over heels. For keeping it more thrilling, I posted, EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!, I am engaged.”

“I wanted to keep this status of engagement simple yet witty. I wrote; ‘Big News! I am going to be a wife.”

“With a photograph of my ring in my finger, I typed, ‘Future Mrs. Jack.”

“I made these two play cards for me and my fiancé, Leena, each of it held by both of us. My play card had the message, ‘She said Yes! And her play card with ‘I said Yes!”

The pictures below offer more fresh ideas on how to announce your engagement on social media:

What You Really Should Know Before Updating a Status

It’s your Time!

You are just engaged. And it’s the very special time of your life. Before posting it on social media or declaring it overall, it’s better to have fun and enjoy some time together as a couple.

Tell the Family First!

Family comes before friends. Just engaged! Tell your family first before posting any status of engagement. Close relations like parents, grandparents or siblings should be informed in person. Other relatives like uncle, aunts or cousins can be informed on the phone.

Focus on Your Love!

The engagement status on the social media should be more about you two as a couple and not about the ring and its beauty, stones and metal.

Guests in Engagement Party

Planning to have a big engagement party? You do not intend to invite all the 500 friends, choose your words (in fb status) carefully. Words like ‘see you all’ or ‘celebrate with you all’ should be avoided.

Engagement Hashtags

Using engagement hashtags in your status would surely alleviate the feel of the moment. Hashtags like; #engaged #shesaidyes #engagementring are quite trendy.

Thankyou Messages

All the people who respond or like your engagement status, should be thanked individually. Get some time to do this. Showing gratitude would be a nice gesture.

How to Comment on a Friend’s Status of Engagement

1. Heartfelt congratulations! May your engagement bring years of love, togetherness and peace.

2. So glad to hear the sweet news from you. I wish you live well, love much and laugh often.

3. What a spectacularly surprising news! I just pray you two always shine like a star together.

4. It’s such a thrilling news. May you two be the sunshines of each other’s lives.

5. Happy engagement! May your journey be a fairy-tale romance.

6. Congrats buddy! So glad you have entered the most beautiful phase of your life.

7. Wow! You two make such a beautiful couple.

8. It’s your day darling! Happy Engagement.

9. Cheers to you! Stay happy and blessed.

10. So happy for you! May you grow old together with years of love and compassion.

11. You did it! Wish you will always be there for each other.

12. What a big news. Keep rocking always.

13. Finally, a truly special moment. A dream realized, for sure. Heartiest Wishes!

14. Your status of engagement has set all eyes on you. So happy for you guys. Hope the wedding bells would be ringing soon.

15. What a great surprise. It calls for a big celebration.

16. Congratulations dear! Hope this new relation brings sunshine to your life.

17. Congratulations both of you. God bless you.

18. Way to go! What a beautiful couple landed in the town.

19. Happy engagement. Waiting for your wedding invite.

20. It’s your time to shine. Congrats.

21. Your wonderful news has just made my day. Stay blessed.

22. So happy for you. Finally, you have found your love.

23. You deserve this happiness. I am really happy for you.

24. This special moment calls for a big bash. Enjoy!

25. Take a bow! Congratulations to the couple.