Straight Wedding Hair Inspirations for Your Big Day


Long, middle-length or overly short, there will always be hairdos that can make the most gorgeous blushing bride out of you. Yes, I know it’s difficult to choose the perfect hairstyle. After all, you’ll only get married once, so it can really be challenging for you to find the best straight wedding hair that can complement your facial features. But don’t hush because we got you covered. Below are some of the must-see bridal hairdos you can get much-needed inspiration from.

Straight Wedding Hair Inspirations for Your Big Day


Straight and Simple

Want to highlight your hair on your wedding day? Just keep it down naturally, add some simple hair accessories if you feel like it.


Braided Love

Been wondering how to flaunt your long, silky straight hair without foregoing style and elegance? A bit of braid wonder can surely do the trick for you especially if your hair color is worth showing off to the world.


Back to Basics

A classic bun with a glamorous clip—what else can you look for in a bridal look? If your wedding is all about going vintage, creating an elegant bun will help you unleash that beautiful bride that you truly are. So don’t be afraid to go with the classics because sometimes, that’s all you’ll ever need on your big day.


On Going Half

Been dreaming of flaunting your long, silky hair since the day he popped the question but afraid to not go in style? Don’t hesitate to go half on your bridal do to get the best of both worlds!


The Rustic Look

Don’t be afraid to have a straight wedding hairstyle especially if your theme is rustic in nature. With a few curls on your locks, you won’t find it difficult to look extra fab.


Get Married with a Bang

Who ever said that bangs are for grade school students? With just enough hairpins and accessories, you can feel glamorous as you walk down the aisle with those bangs adding accent on your face! So if you want to cut a portion of your hair for those side-swept bangs, go ahead and take the plunge!


Take It from Blake

A few braids won’t hurt on your wedding day, and that’s one lesson we can learn from Blake Lively. Perfect for either indoor or outdoor wedding, this hairdo’s versatility can make any bride look divine.


The Eternal Braids

And yes, that’s what this hairstyle is all about too. So let’s not leave the braids to the little girls, shall we?


The Bun and the Braid

Yet another braid—yes, we just love the twist it gives to a bride’s overall look. But this time, let’s mix the braids with a big bun and see where it goes. After all, a bit of experiment won’t hurt. Just look at how classy and vintage she looks like and you’ll know what we mean.


Accentuate Your Bun

With all the right accessories, low buns can be more fun and dainty. And of course, you are never limited to just rolling your hair to a bun. You can also add a bit of texture and style with the help of a few hairpins.


Of Florals and Curls

Perfect for outdoor weddings, this straight wedding hairstyle can make you look like a goddess who embodies grace and femininity. No, we’re not in it just for the curls. Just take a closer look at the accessories and the perfect hairdo, and you’ll know what we mean.


Let’s Get Plain and Simple

Use a haristyling iron to give your hair a little wavy and add a right clip on. Fancy and sweet, this hairstyle fits brides who love keeping their hair down.


Short and Empowered

Are you an empowered woman who knows how to stand up on her own and take good care of herself? Well then, you don’t have to hide it under the sheets just because it’s your wedding day. Let your personality glow and make your short hair your crowning glory!


Let’s Get Plain and Posh

Your short hair can go a long way with the right accessories on, and that’s what this hairdo proves. Stylish and elegant, this hairstyle fits brides who love keeping their hair down.


Keeping It Sleek and Feisty

Are you the type of bride who always knows what she wants? Then, you might want to show off your feistiness on your big day! Turn your aisle into a high-fashion runway as you turn heads. Keep your chin up and smile as you say I do.


All About the Right Hairband

Is your hair not really lengthy enough for either classic or contemporary hairdos? Don’t worry! The right accessories will make you shine even without the braids and the buns! This is one of the simple yet stunning straight wedding hairstyles!


Back to the Classic Do

Looking as regal as Audrey Hepburn is never a million lightyears away with the help of the right hairdo. Go vintage by simply adding more volume to your long, beautiful hair, and be confidently beautiful as you tie the knot.