20 Fabulous Summer Wedding Bouquets


Summer is right around the corner, yeah! And if you’re also going to be a bride this season, then you’re probably experiencing double the excitement. Summer weddings are breezy, effortless and magical – and part of their magic is the vivid and vibrant colors of the flowers that are in full bloom this season, with their tempting perfumes and lovely, delicate shapes. If you’re on the hunt for flowers for your big day and not sure what to choose just yet, take a look at our top 20 fabulous summer wedding bouquets.

20 Fabulous Summer Wedding Bouquets

The Sorbet Bouquet

Not quite pastel and not positively bright either – this bouquet that features roses, dahlias and minty greenery is a gorgeous happy medium in sorbet colors, ranging from corals and soft pinks to aqua, all tied up with a turquoise ribbon.

The Succulent Bouquet

Perfect for an exotic wedding, this bouquet of minty, green and purple succulents (that are so HOT this season) is perfect for an eclectic summer wedding. With their quirky shapes and high dosage of freshness, this wedding bouquet will certainly captivate your guests.

The Coral Gerberas

Gerberas are one of those flowers that are available all year round, but when this stunning flower comes in shades of coral then it is ideal for a summer wedding, especially if matched tone-to-tone with elegant roses.

The Lilac Bouquet

Few flowers smell as heavenly as lilacs do and when you add their gorgeous lavender shade and versatility, then no wonder they are a top pick when it comes to summer wedding bouquets. Cabbage roses complete this gorgeous arrangement and bring an extra romantic color: deep red.

The Colorful Summer Flowers Bouquet

One thing is certain: summer bouquets can have lots of styles, colors and diverse flowers. When it comes to summery bouquets, an abundance of color is totally permitted and even encouraged – like in this fruity creation right here, which covers a rainbow palette and unexpected blue hydrangeas on the bottom.

The Sunflower Bouquet

Few flowers scream ‘summer’ as clearly and as loudly as the sunflower does. With its iconic bright yellow petals, understated chicness and considerable size, the sunflower makes an excellent choice for a rustic summer wedding bouquet.

The Seashell Bouquet

Summer weddings are often held at the beach or, why not, on board of luxurious yachts while sailing with the waves – and this is why flowers have serious competition when it comes to bridal bouquets: seashells! A seashell bouquet instead of a traditional flow arrangement is an unconventional choice, but clearly impactful and memorable… and perfectly cohesive with a beach wedding.

The Mish-Mash Bouquet

This gorgeous creation features a wide range of elements, from succulents to actual berries and from burgundy roses to pastel pink peonies – perfect for mish-mash wedding on a hot summer day.

The Peachy Roses Bouquet

Peach is a favorite when it comes to summer wedding bouquets and roses make stunning arrangements in this lovely shade. Mixed with delicate greenery and decorated with an aqua ribbon, this bouquet is elegant and romantic at the same time.

The Blue and White Hydrangeas Bouquet

Pastel blue and white are popular choices during all seasons, but in the summer, they represent nothing less than the foamy waves of the sea – and these lovely hydrangeas make the perfect combination for a simple and feminine bouquet.

The Vibrant Pink Bouquet

Pink is a top choice this season when it comes to wedding décor and florals, as it can be easily matched with pastel shades, gold and other metallic or even with the striking black and white. This peonies bouquet features vibrant shades of coral and a black and white ribbon, and lacks any greenery for an impactful, vivid look.

The Rustic Gypsophila Bouquet

Rustic weddings are almost never complete with this tiny flower: gypsophila! Wrap the flowers in raffia and add a vintage brooch and you’ve got a bouquet that’s perfect for a rustic wedding during a hot summer day.

The Orange and Mint Bouquet

Dahlias are another favorite when it comes to summer wedding bouquets and their many shades are quite versatile and can create unique combinations – check out this creation featuring orange dahlias, lilies and icy greenery.

The Carnations Bouquet

Carnations make affordable and unique choices and their many shapes make them a smart pick, regardless of the season – this bouquet features burgundy and pink carnations, wrapped in matching ribbons.

The Off-White Bouquet

White is a classic choice in any season, but what makes this bouquet right here perfect for a summer wedding is the combination of different flowers all in white, the lovely white poppies and the pop of color: lilac roses.

The Brooch Bouquet

Like seashells, flower brooches make an unconventional pick for an outside-the-box bride, but they can look positively stunning when created by a talented artist – check out this pastel pink arrangement featuring floral brooches of different shapes, with sparkly rhinestones.

The Exotic Bouquet

This bouquet is made of bird of paradise flowers, which are very exotic and bright – a superb orange creation with a pop of blue, ideal for a bride that dreams of something one of a kind.

The Pink Roses Bouquet

Pink roses will, most likely, never go out of fashion when talking about summer wedding bouquets. This arrangement features this elegant flower in different shades and is perfectly finished with a glam-rustic wrap.

The Extra Bright Bouquet

Saturation to the max! This super bright bouquet wrapped in equally vibrant ribbon is a bold choice. From gerbera to roses and pops of purple delphinium, this bouquet has it all!

The Wild Bouquet

Bright bouquets are highly popular for summer weddings and this massive creation clearly has them all: a rainbow of colors, a wide range of flowers creating an eclectic, wild effect, depth, length and lots of greenery.